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Getting your Living-Theory research underway.

This short video is a good place to start if you are not familiar with Living Educational Theory

Jack has put a number of short introductory videos on his site. actionresearch.net/writings/arsup.shtml to help get you going.


These podcasts of a radio interview with an Irish Education reporter, Seán Delaney, interviewing with Jack Whitehead is very well worth listening to

1. http://insideeducation.podbean.com/e/programme-240-jack-whitehead-on-living-theoryaction-research-pt-1-27-1-16/

2. http://insideeducation.podbean.com/?s=whitehead


12 minute extract from NEARI presentation

Try having a look at this introduction on actionresearch.net Or see if one of these questions helps:

  • What is energising you at the moment? E.g. Could be something that has been said, an event, an experience, an epiphany, a ‘storm cloud moment’, a concern, a challenge, an interest, something that piques your curiosity, something pressing…
  • Looking back? E.g. How your last enquiry went, what has kept you in the profession or doing what you are doing, times in your life that were important to you, learning that stands out…
  • Looking forward? E.g. What is your concern, why you are concerned, your research question, what you intend to do, data you will be collecting…
Or - just write to yourself without thinking about it and see what comes - you could be surprised.

You will want to strengthen your research and grapple with issues concerning methodology and methods, and rigour and validity so we are developing resources. Keep check out the pages on this site as they will be added to.

Methodology and methods

Rigor and validity


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