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Miscellaneous includes 'talking heads' and other kinds of films that don't easily fit into the other categories... there are always some!

3 Magic Words  Ref. 217  (synopsis)  (preview)

2012 - The Odyssey  Ref. 061  (synopsis)  (preview)

Adaptation  Ref. 389  (synopsis)  (preview)  

Age of E  Ref. 057  (synopsis)  no preview available

Art Mind: The Healing Power Of Sacred Art  Ref. 044  (synopsis)  (preview)

Astral City*  Ref. 219  (synopsis)  (preview)

Atanarjuat  Ref. 387  (synopsis)  (preview)   

Awake In The Dream  Ref. 250  (synopsis)  (preview)

Being In Heaven  Ref. 170  (synopsis)  (preview)

Brand - A Second Coming  Ref. 267  (synopsis)  (preview)

Broad Horizons  Ref. 046  (synopsis)  no preview available

Baraka*  Ref. 056  (synopsis)  (preview)

Beyond Tolerance  Ref. 339  (synopsis)  no preview available

Closer Than Close  Ref. 096  (synopsis)  (preview)

Death Makes Life Possible  Ref. 379  (synopsis)  (preview)

Depth Of Fields  Ref. 229  (synopsis)  (preview)

Discover The Gift  Ref. 318  (synopsis)  (preview)

Dreams*  Ref. 135  (synopsis)  (preview)

Edge Of Dreaming  Ref. 167  (synopsis)  (preview)

European Spiritual Masters  Ref. 208  (synopsis)  (preview)  

Finding Joe  Ref. 220  (synopsis)  (preview)

Francis And The Sultan - A Model For Peacemaking  Ref. 247  (synopsis)  (preview)

Griefwalker  Ref. 305  (synopsis)  (preview)

Happy  Ref. 313  (synopsis)  (preview)

I Am  Ref. 198  (synopsis)  (preview)

iGod  Ref. 328  (synopsis)  (preview)

Inner Worlds Outer Worlds  Ref. 351  (synopsis)  (preview)

In To Me See  Ref. 153  (synopsis)  no preview available 

Kymatica  Ref. 388  (synopsis)  (preview)    

Le Quattro Volte  Ref. 201  (synopsis)  (preview)

Letting Go  Ref. 145  (synopsis)  (preview)

Life Itself  Ref. 385  (synopsis)  (preview)  

Living In Light  Ref. 225  (synopsis)  (preview)

Living Luminaries  Ref. 012  (synopsis)  (preview)

Love, Reality And The Time Of Transition  Ref. 274 (synopsis)  no preview available 

Messengers  Ref. 180  (synopsis)  no preview available

Mystic Ball  Ref. 060  (synopsis)  (preview)

Mythic Journeys*  Ref. 138  (synopsis)  (preview)

Nightline: Spirituality And The Brain  Ref. 065  (synopsis)  no preview available

One  Ref. 072  (synopsis)  (preview)

One Peace At A Time*  Ref. 182  (synopsis)  (preview)

People v. The State Of Illusion  Ref. 281  (synopsis)  (preview)

Planetary  Ref. 308  (synopsis)  (preview)   

Plot For Peace  Ref. 287  (synopsis)  (preview)

Quantum Communication  Ref. 239  (synopsis)  (preview)

Quantum Mind Of God  Ref. 069  (synopsis)  (preview)

Round Ireland With A Fridge  Ref. 175  (synopsis)  (preview)

Ruth Robins On Metapsychiatry  Ref. 156  (synopsis)  no preview available

Samsara  Ref. 228  (synopsis)  (preview)

Self To Soul  Ref. 032  (synopsis)  no preview available

Seven Songs For A Long Life  Ref. 382  (synopsis)  (preview)

Ship Of Theseus  Ref. 363  (synopsis)  (preview)

Something Unknown Is Doing We Don't Know What  Ref. 141  (synopsis)  (preview)

Soul Masters: Dr. Guo & Dr. Sha  Ref. 082  (synopsis)  (preview)

Spiritism  Ref. 130  (synopsis)  no preview available

Starblanket - A Spirit Journey  Ref. 084  (synopsis)  (preview)

Take It With You  Ref.391  (synopsis)  (preview)  

Tears Of The Buddha  Ref. 226  (synopsis)  (preview)

The 8th Fire  Ref. 089  (synopsis)  (preview)

The 13th Day  Ref. 209  (synopsis)  (preview)

The Cosmic Giggle  Ref. 227  (synopsis)  (preview)

The Cure Is...?  Ref. 329  (synopsis)  (preview)

The God Delusion Debate  Ref. 204  (synopsis)  (preview)

The God Question  Ref. 330  (synopsis)  (preview)

The Human Experience*  Ref. 181  (synopsis)  (preview)

The Illuminated Chakras  Ref. 203  (synopsis)  (preview)

The Jew In The Lotus  Ref. 158  (synopsis)  (preview)

The Keeper Of The Keys  Ref. 214  (synopsis)  (preview)

The Living Matrix  Ref. 117  (synopsis)  (preview)

The Moses Code  Ref. 083  (synopsis)  (preview)

The Power Of Forgiveness  Ref. 058  (synopsis)  (preview)

The Power Of The Heart  Ref. 340  (synopsis)  (preview)

The Prophet  Ref. 361  (synopsis)  (preview)

The Red Turtle  Ref. 322  (synopsis)  (preview)  

The Salt Of The Earth  Ref. 380  (synopsis)  (preview)

The Secret  Ref. 003  (synopsis)  (preview)

The Shadow Effect  Ref. 110  (synopsis)  (preview)

The Stoning Of Soraya M  Ref. 288  (synopsis)  (preview)

The Tao Of Quantum Physics  Ref. 344  (synopsis)  (preview)

The Way To Happiness  (Ref. 296)  (synopsis)  (preview)

This Emotional Life  (Ref. 393)  (synopsis)  (preview)     New in 2019!

Thrive  Ref. 221  (synopsis)  (preview)

Through The Eastern Gate  Ref. 059  (synopsis)  (preview)

Transcending The Storm  Ref. 359  (synopsis)  no preview available

Try It On Everything  Ref. 066  (synopsis)  (preview)

Tuning In: Spirit Channelers In America  Ref. 091  (synopsis)  (preview)

Tuning In Two  Ref. 185  (synopsis)  (preview)

Wake Up  Ref. 319  (synopsis)  (preview)

Waking Life  Ref. 001  (synopsis)  (preview)

We Are All One  Ref. 080  (synopsis)  no preview available

What About Me?  Ref. 222  (synopsis)  (preview)

What Is New Thought?  Ref. 260  (synopsis)  (preview)

What The Bleep Do We Know  Ref. 007  (synopsis)  (preview)

Who's Driving The Dreambus?  Ref. 173  (synopsis)  (preview)

Women And Spirituality  Ref. 076  (synopsis)  no preview available

(NB Films marked with an asterisk are region-locked and will not generally play on UK DVD players. They require a region-free DVD player but may play on your computer.)

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