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Featured Interviews offer the chance to sit in on one-to-one interviews with leading thinkers and visionaries of today.  Previews unavailable for these interviews.


Michael Beckwith  Ref. 240  (biography)

Gregg Braden  Ref. 331  (biography)

Russell Brand  Ref. 263  (biography)

Sonia Choquette  Ref. 124  (biography)

Panache Desai  Ref. 295  (biography)

Joe Dispenza  Ref. 236  (biography)

Joe Dispenza  Ref. 262  (biography)

Arielle Ford  Ref. 378  (biography)

Debbie Ford  Ref. 128  (biography

Cameron Gilley  Ref. 327  (biography)

Pam Grout  Ref. 375  (biography)

Rick Hanson  Ref. 316  (biography)

Louise L. Hay  Ref. 109  (biography)

Marilu Henner  Ref. 257  (biography)

Barbara Marx Hubbard  Ref. 252  (biography)

Byron Katie  (Ref. 174)  (biography)

Elizabeth Lesser  Ref. 170  (biography)

Bruce Lipton  Ref. 143  (biography

Joseph Marshall  Ref. 333  (biography)

Richard Moss  Ref. 282  (biography)

Mark Nepo  Ref. 371  (biography)

Lisa Nichols  Ref. 253  (biography)

Judith Orloff  Ref. 129  (biography

don Miguel Ruiz, Sr.  Ref. 243  (biography)

Sark  Ref. 141  (biography)  

Rupert Sheldrake  Ref. 321  (biography)

Seth Shostak  Ref. 285  (biography)

Stephen Simon  Ref. 241  (biography)

Neil Slade  Ref. 259  (biography)

Jakov Smirnoff  Ref. 261  (biography)

James Van Praagh  Ref. 133  (biography)  

Doreen Virtue  Ref. 362  (biography)

Lyanla Vanzant  Ref. 294  (biography)

Kelly Sullivan Walden  Ref. 320  (biography)

Brian Weiss  Ref. 191  (biography)

Marianne Williamson  Ref. 381  (biography)


(NB Films marked with an asterisk are region-locked and will not generally play on UK DVD players. They require a region-free DVD player but may play on your computer.)

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