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Films From The Heart are entertaining, heart-warming features with that 'feel good' factor in abundance. 

A Bird Of The Air  Ref. 235  (synopsis)  (preview)

Adam's Apples*  Ref. 095  (synopsis)  (preview)

A Fish Story  Ref. 332  (synopsis)  (preview)

After Life*  Ref. 248  (synopsis)  (preview)

A Matter Of Life And Death  Ref. 384  (synopsis)  (preview)  

Amèlie  Ref. 034  (synopsis)  (preview)

Angel's Perch  Ref. 335  (synopsis)  (preview)

Antwone Fisher  Ref. 267  (synopsis)  (preview)

A Relative Thing  Ref. 087  (synopsis)  (preview)

A Simple Life*  Ref. 353  (synopsis)  (preview)

As High As The Sky  Ref. 321  (synopsis)  (preview)

As It Is In Heaven* (Sa Som I Hemmelen)  Ref. 118  (synopsis)  (preview)

Awaken  Ref. 236  (synopsis)  (preview)

Bab'Aziz  Ref. 103  (synopsis)  (preview)

Beautiful Dreamer  Ref. 174  (synopsis)  (preview)

Becoming Bulletproof  Ref. 378  (synopsis)  (preview)

Believe In Me  Ref. 014  (synopsis)  (preview)

Bella*  Ref. 137  (synopsis)  (preview)

Big Fish  Ref. 306  (synopsis)  (preview)

Black  Ref. 255  (synopsis)  (preview)

Bobby Dogs  Ref. 088  (synopsis)  (preview)

By The Sea  Ref. 165  (synopsis)  no preview available

Café  Ref. 377  (synopsis)  (preview)

Captain Abu Raed*  Ref. 195  (synopsis)  (preview)

Charlie St. Cloud  Ref. 290  (synopsis)  (preview)   

Children Of Heaven  Ref. 265  (synopsis)  (preview)    

City Of Angels  Ref. 304  (synopsis)  (preview)

Cliffy  Ref. 323  (synopsis)  (preview)

Cloud Atlas  Ref. 348  (synopsis)  (preview)

Common People  Ref. 354  (synopsis)  (preview)

Crazy Like A Fox  Ref. 011  (synopsis)  (preview)

Creation  Ref. 366  (synopsis)  (preview)

Defending Your Life  Ref. 230  (synopsis)  (preview)  

Deja Vu  Ref. 015  (synopsis)  (preview)

Departures  Ref. 349  (synopsis)  (preview)

Don't Pass Me By  Ref. 295  (synopsis)  (preview)

Door To Door*  Ref. 276  (synopsis)  (preview)

Do You Wanna Dance  Ref. 143  (synopsis)  (preview)

Dreamkeeper*  Ref. 026  (synopsis)  (preview)

Dreammaker  Ref. 098  (synopsis)  no preview available

Druid Peak  Ref. 376  (synopsis)  (preview)

End Of The Spear  Ref. 272  (synopsis)  (preview)

Enlightenment Guaranteed*  Ref. 102  (synopsis)  (preview)

Eve And The Fire Horse  Ref. 078  (synopsis)  (preview)

Everything Is Illuminated  Ref. 111  (synopsis)  (preview)

Expiration Date  Ref. 006  (synopsis)  (preview)

Fly Away  Ref. 192  (synopsis)  (preview)

For One More Day*  Ref. 169  (synopsis)  (preview)

From Time To Time  Ref. 212  (synopsis)  (preview)

Guarding Eddy  Ref. 067  (synopsis)  (preview)

Happenstance*  Ref. 251  (synopsis)  (preview)

Happy Accidents  Ref. 200  (synopsis)  (preview)    

Healing  Ref. 372  (synopsis)  (preview)

Heart Of The Country  Ref. 261  (synopsis)  (preview)

Heaven Can Wait  Ref. 273  (synopsis)  (preview)

Heaven Can Wait  Ref. 293  (synopsis)  (preview)

Heaven Is For Real  Ref. 347  (synopsis)  (preview)

Hector And The Search For Happiness  Ref. 337  (synopsis)  (preview)

Hide Away  Ref. 282  (synopsis)  (preview)

Hit 'N Strum  Ref. 371  (synopsis)  (preview)

If I Had Wings  Ref. 334  (synopsis)  (preview)

If I Never See You Again  Ref. 068  (synopsis)  (preview)

Imagine  Ref. 257 (synopsis)  (preview)

Illusion  Ref. 010  (synopsis)  (preview)

Indigo  Ref. 042  (synopsis)  (preview)

Innocent Voices  (Voces Inocentes)  Ref. 343  (synopsis)  (preview)

In Orange  Ref. 004  (synopsis)  (preview)

Into The Wild  Ref. 127  (synopsis)  (preview)

It's A Wonderful Life  (original b&w version)  Ref. 289  (synopsis)  (preview)

It's A Wonderful Life  (colour version)  Ref. 289  (synopsis)  (preview)

Jackie  Ref. 312  (synopsis)  (preview)

James' Journey To Jerusalem  Ref. 150  (synopsis)  (preview)

Jonathan Livingston Seagull  Ref. 028  (synopsis)  (preview)

Julia*  Ref. 297  (synopsis)  (preview)

Khadak*  Ref. 108  (synopsis)  (preview)

K-Pax  Ref. 271  (synopsis)  (preview)  

La Belle Verte*  Ref. 256  (synopsis)  (preview)

Lake Effects  Ref. 362  (synopsis)  (preview)

Le Grand Voyage  Ref. 264  (synopsis)  (preview)

Life Is Beautiful*  Ref. 002  (synopsis)  (preview)

Like Stars On Earth  Ref. 196  (synopsis)  (preview)

Listen To Your Heart  Ref. 194  (synopsis)  (preview)

Little Brother Of War  Ref. 148  (synopsis)  no preview available

Long Life, Happiness and Prosperity*  Ref. 075  (synopsis)  (preview)

Loreak (Flowers)  Ref. 370  (synopsis)  (preview)

Lost Horizon Ref. 270  (synopsis)  (preview)  

Love Birds  Ref. 224  (synopsis)  (preview)

Made In Heaven  Ref. 189  (synopsis)  (preview)    

Magnifico*  Ref. 346  (synopsis)  (preview)

Milton's Secret  Ref. 394  (synopsis)  (preview)    New in 2019!

Miracle In Krakow  Ref. 157  (synopsis)  (preview)

Mr. Nobody  Ref. 383  (synopsis)  (preview)

Mother Ghost  Ref. 147  (synopsis)  (preview)

Musical Chairs  Ref. 232  (synopsis)  (preview)

My Left Foot  Ref. 041  (synopsis)  (preview)

My Life As A Courgette  Ref. 365  (synopsis)  (preview)   

Nightlights  Ref. 374  (synopsis)  (preview)

Ocean Of Pearls Ref. 109  (synopsis)  (preview)    

Old Goats  Ref. 223  (synopsis)  (preview)

Oldies But Goldies  Ref. 331  (synopsis)  (preview)

On A Clear Day  Ref. 350  (synopsis)  (preview)

Once  Ref. 179  (synopsis)  (preview)  

One Small Hitch  Ref. 316  (synopsis)  (preview)

Opa!  Ref. 193  (synopsis)  (preview)

Papadopoulos And Sons  Ref. 262  (synopsis)  (preview)

Pay It Forward  Ref. 368  (synopsis)  (preview)

Peaceful Warrior  Ref. 237  (synopsis)  (preview

Philomena  Ref. 292  (synopsis)  (preview)

Play The Game  Ref. 133  (synopsis)  (preview)

Poison Pen  Ref. 375  (synopsis)  (preview)

Road To Your Heart  Ref. 333  (synopsis)  (preview)

Rocks With Wings  Ref. 151  (synopsis)  (preview)

Sabah  Ref. 142  (synopsis)  (preview)

Sedona  Ref. 215  (synopsis)  (preview)

Shouting Secrets  Ref. 241  (synopsis)  (preview)

Shuffle  Ref. 234  (synopsis)  (preview)

Snow Walker*  Ref. 023  (synopsis)  (preview)

Somewhere In Time  Ref. 105  (synopsis)  (preview)   

Soulmates  Ref. 154  (synopsis)  no preview available

Spooner  Ref. 166  (synopsis)  (preview)

Still Life  Ref. 364  (synopsis)  (preview)

Stranger Than Fiction  Ref. 307  (synopsis)  (preview)

Straight Line  Ref. 315  (synopsis)  (preview)

St . Vincent  Ref. 054  (synopsis)  (preview)     

Sunday Fathers  Ref. 242  (synopsis)  no preview available

Swing  Ref. 094  (synopsis)  (preview)

Take Me Home  Ref. 252  (synopsis)  (preview)

The Blue Butterfly*  Ref. 040  (synopsis)  (preview)

The Cave Of The Yellow Dog  Ref. 035  (synopsis)  (preview)

The Celestine Prophecy  Ref. 139  (synopsis)  (preview)  

The Christmas Wish  Ref. 286  (synopsis)  (preview)

The Colour Of Paradise  Ref. 177  (synopsis)  (preview)  

The Five People You Meet In Heaven*  Ref. 086  (synopsis)  (preview)

The Forgotten Kingdom  Ref. 285  (synopsis)  (preview)

The Godchild  Ref. 176  (synopsis)  (preview)

The Kite Runner  Ref. 121  (synopsis)  (preview)

The Lamp  Ref. 216  (synopsis)  (preview)

The Last Brickmaker In America  Ref. 240  (synopsis)  (preview)

The Last New Yorker  Ref. 253  (synopsis)  (preview)

The Letter Writer  Ref. 233  (synopsis)  (preview)

The Man Without A Face  Ref. 050  (synopsis)  (preview)

The Memsahib  Ref. 024  (synopsis)  (preview)

The Miracle Worker  Ref. 165  (synopsis)  (preview)  

The Movie Hero  Ref. 149  (synopsis)  (preview)

The Notebook  Ref. 122  (synopsis)  (preview)

The Other Side Of Heaven  Ref. 266  (synopsis)  (preview)

The Park Bench  Ref. 338  (synopsis)  (preview)

The Scent Of Green Papaya  Ref. 029  (synopsis)  (preview)

The Secret Life Of Bees  Ref. 051  (synopsis)  (preview)  

The Secret Of Roan Inish  Ref. 172  (synopsis)  (preview)  

The Shack  Ref. 280  (synopsis)  (preview)  

The Shape Of Water  Ref. 352  (synopsis)  (preview

The Snow Walker*  Ref. 023  (synopsis)  (preview)

The Surface  Ref. 381  (synopsis)  (preview)

The Ultimate Gift*  Ref. 197  (synopsis)  (preview)

The Visitor  Ref. 131  (synopsis)  (preview)

The Way  Ref. 202  (synopsis)  (preview)

The Wool Cap  Ref. 258  (synopsis)  (preview)

The Year Dolly Parton Was My Mum  Ref. 213  (synopsis)  (preview)

This Is Martin Bonner  Ref. 263  (synopsis)  (preview)

Through The Shadowlands  Ref. 205  (synopsis)  (preview)

Timer  Ref. 188  (synopsis)  (preview)

Tomorrow Is Today  Ref. 009  (synopsis)  (preview)

Travellers And Magicians*  (synopsis)  (preview)

Tsotsi  Ref. 052  (synopsis)  (preview)

Tuesdays With Morrie*  Ref. 113  (synopsis)  (preview)

Uncross The Stars  Ref. 123  (synopsis)  (preview)

What's Bugging Seth  Ref. 017  (synopsis)  (preview)

Whale Rider  Ref. 107  (synopsis)  (preview)

What Dreams May Come*  Ref. 269  (synopsis)  (preview)

What's Eating Gilbert Grape?  Ref. 064  (synopsis)  (preview)     

What We Did On Our Holiday  Ref. 100  (synopsis)  (preview)    

Wild Horse From Shangri-La  Ref. 294  (synopsis)  (preview)

Wings Of Desire  Ref. 039  (synopsis)  (preview)

Wondrous Oblivion  Ref. 314  (synopsis)  (preview)

(NB Films marked with an asterisk are region-locked and will not generally play on UK DVD players. They require a region-free DVD player but may play on your computer.)

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