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Documentaries are just that, informative films that have been made around particular topics such as ... afterlifeconsciousness, cosmology, crop circles, dreaming, forgiveness, healing, near death experiences, meditation, miracles, mythology, relationships, spiritual activism, and many more...


1 Revolution  Ref. 320  (synopsis)  (preview)

2012 - Mayan Prophecy And The Shift Of Ages  Ref. 206  (synopsis)  (preview)

A Course In Miracles  Ref. 254  (synopsis)  (preview)

Acts Of God: Miracles And Stories Of Hope  Ref. 038  (synopsis)  no preview available

A Force More Powerful  Ref. 310  (synopsis)  (preview)

Alive Inside  Ref. 345  (synopsis)  (preview

A Sidewalk Astronomer  Ref. 159  (synopsis)  (preview

Afterlife  Ref. 191 (synopsis)  (preview)  

As Slow As Possible  Ref. 129  (preview)  

Awakening The Dreamer  Ref. 392  (synopsis)  (preview)    New in 2019!

Beyond Our Differences*  Ref. 284  (synopsis)  (preview)

Black Whole  Ref. 175  (synopsis)  (preview)

Britain From The Air - Spiritual Britain  Ref. 183  (synopsis)  no preview available  

Cosmic Africa  Ref. 090  (synopsis)  (preview)  

Crazywise  Ref. 300  (synopsis)  (preview

Crop Circles: Quest For Truth*  Ref. 298  (synopsis)  (preview)

Depth Of Fields  Ref.  229  (preview)  

Edge Of Dreaming  Ref. 167  (preview)  

Encounter Point  Ref. 045  (synopsis)  (preview)  

Everest - A Climb For Peace  Ref. 120  (synopsis)  (preview)

Fierce Light: When Spirit Meets Action  Ref. 114  (synopsis)  (preview)  

Findhorn Foundation Community - The Story So Far  Ref. 269  (synopsis)  (preview)

Forgiveness: A Time To Love And A Time To Hate*  Ref. 184  (synopsis)  (preview)  

Francis And The Sultan - A Model For Peacemaking  Ref. 247  (synopsis)  (preview)  

Going Nowhere  Ref. 244  (preview)  

Healing: Miracles, Mysteries And John Of God  Ref. 231  (synopsis)  (preview)  

I Am  Ref. 198  (synopsis)  (preview)  

I Am Not Your Negro  Ref. 303  (synopsis)  (preview)  

Indigo Evolution  Ref. 164  (synopsis)  (preview)

In God's Name*  Ref. 283  (synopsis)  (preview)

Juliette Of The Herbs  Ref. 152  (synopsis)  (preview)

Kindness Is Contagious  Ref. 373  (synopsis)  (preview)

Kumbh Mela  Ref. 160  (synopsis)  (preview)

Make Believe  Ref. 190  (synopsis)  (preview)

Mystic Ball  Ref. 060  (synopsis)  (preview)

Near Death Experiences  Ref. 099  (synopsis)  no preview available

Oh My God  Ref. 136  (synopsis)  (preview)

One  Ref. 072  (synopsis)  (preview)

Opposite Field  Ref. 336  (synopsis)  (preview)

Peace Like A River  Ref. 147  (synopsis)  (preview)

Peace One Day - Part Three  Ref. 163  (synopsis)  (preview)

Sacred Sites Of Britain  Ref. 246  (synopsis)  no preview available

Satori - Metamorphosis Of An Awakening  Ref. 390  (synopsis)  (preview

Saving Grace  Ref. 076  (synopsis)  no preview available

Scared Sacred  Ref. 022  (synopsis)  (preview)

Searching For Sugar Man  Ref. 311  (synopsis)  (preview)   

Secret Of Water  Ref. 360)  (synopsis)  (preview)

Sensitive - The Untold Story  Ref. 302  (synopsis)  (preview)   

Song Of Songs  Ref. 049  (synopsis)  (preview)

Sound Of The Soul  Ref. 016  (synopsis)  (preview)

Spiritual Britain - Britain From The Air  Ref. 183  (synopsis)  no preview available

Spiritual Reality: The Ultimate Guide To Meditation  Ref. 218  (synopsis)  (preview)

Star Blanket: A Spirit Journey  Ref. 084  (synopsis)  (preview)

Star Dreams  Ref. 013  (synopsis)  (preview)

Still Dreaming  Ref. 341  (synopsis)  (preview)

Surviving Progress  Ref. 356  (synopsis)  (preview)

Talking Story  Ref. 324  (synopsis)  (preview)

The Cosmic Giggle  Ref. 227  (synopsis)  (preview

The Cove*  Ref. 326  (synopsis)  (preview)    

The Cure Is  Ref. 329  (synopsis)  (preview)

The Day After Peace  Ref. 115  (synopsis)  (preview)

The Fairy Faith  Ref. 357  (synopsis)  (preview)

The Gifts Of Grief  Ref. 077  (synopsis)  (preview)

The Great Mystery  Ref. 101  (synopsis)  (preview)

The Happiness Formula  Ref. 073  (synopsis)  (preview)

The Knowledge Of Healing  Ref. 187  (synopsis)  no preview available

The Philosopher Kings  Ref. 124  (synopsis)  (preview)

The Power Of Forgiveness  Ref. 058  (synopsis)  (preview)

The Shaman And Ayahuasca  Ref. 211  (synopsis)  (preview)

The Story Of Human Rights  Ref. 245  (synopsis)  (preview)

The Tibetan Book Of The Dead  Ref. 036  (synopsis)  (preview)

The Yogis Of Tibet  Ref 147  (synopsis)  (preview)

Through The Eastern Gate  Ref. 059  (synopsis)  (preview)

Veil Of Tears  Ref. 235  (synopsis)  (preview)

Walking The Camino  Ref. 327  (synopsis)  (preview)

What On Earth?  Ref. 134  (synopsis)  (preview)

When The Iron Bird Flies  Ref. 355  (synopsis)  (preview)

Why Beauty Matters  Ref. 125  (synopsis)  no preview available

Wisdom Of Changes  Ref. 278  (synopsis)  (preview)

With One Voice  Ref. 116  (synopsis)  (preview)

(NB Films marked with an asterisk are region-locked and will not generally play on UK DVD players. They require a region-free DVD player but may play on your computer.)

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