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Family history
I am looking for information about my 3rd great grandmother magdalena viegas. i would like to find out about her ancestry and who her parents where. She was supposedly born in gibraltar in 1871 and died in 1939 Barnsley. Her husband was william harding who from worcster 1868-1942 fought in boer war and ww1.
Posted by Reece Evans on 17 February 2020
Hi, please check this site for more information. nationalarchives.gi
Posted by Lionel on 17 February 2020
I am looking for ANY information on the Henderson / Perez families in Gibraltar. Maria (Mary) Perez, whose father was named Diego, Married Emmanuel James Charles Henderson in Gibraltar March 3, 1898. Emmanuel was born in Scotland, Maria was born in Gibraltar, as were her parents, Diego & ?

They had 8 Children together, all born in Gibraltar:
Ernestina 1898
Hortencia 1900
Rogelia 1903
Emmanuel 1905
Mercedes 1908
Anthony 1911 (my grandfather)
Amanda 1914
Posted by Stefanie on 20 October 2018
Hi Stefanie,
My dads great grandfather was Anthony Henderson (your grandfather) we are also trying to trace our family history.

If you could please contact us on the email above we may be able to help each other
Posted by Lucy Henderson on 24 November 2019
Tracing Grandmother's True Identity
My grandmother as we know her was Angela Savage (formerly Figueras) A birth certificate says she was born 19th June 1897 but on her marriage certificate and my mother's birth certificate she is Maria de los Angeles Figueras date of birth 21st June 1905. Her father was Angel Figueras and her mother was Maria Figueras (formerly Cantisano) born in La Linea. We appear to have drawn a blank even with Ancestry Records I know she was one of 10 possible more siblings. I do have some of their names Leccadia born 20th March 1892; Lucia born 5th May 1894 Ernesto born 20th June 1896 Leopoltho born 13th September 1900. My sister and I are planning to visit Gibraltar in September this year and hope that we can search through records but in the meantime if anyone can help we would be eternally grateful. I visited Gibraltar a few years ago and did meet Victor Figueras and his son (same name) and with Lydia. I have lost their address and other contact details but I do not Victor was in the fire service and had a cafe off Main Street perhaps someone knows of their whereabout too. Thank you, the only other information I have is that my grandmother married at the Kings Chapel in Gibraltar June 1928 and she returned with my month who was about 5 months in 1930 but for a holiday.
Posted by Sandra Dodden on 01 June 2018
Hi, if you go and publish your message on FB Gibraltar Genealogy you might have a good chance of getting a reply. BTW, I believe Victor Figueras senior, ex admiralty fireman, passed away. Regards, Lionel
Posted by Lionel on 02 June 2018
Hi Lionel
Thank you I will go to the FB site and hopefully as you say will get more replies, much appreciated for info, regards Sandra
Posted by Sandra Dodden on 06 June 2018
Bluett 1786
My ancestor William Bluett believed he was born 1786 in Gibraltar. I've found no proof so far but could a record be hidden somewhere?
Posted by Paul Barton on 15 March 2018
joseph leech circa 1837
Joseph Leech was the father of William Leech born 1837 in Gibraltar but before that and between 1837 and 1861 in England for William nothing with Leech also spelt Leach and later years Lewch
Posted by Mark Jones on 17 January 2018
1871 locations
Posted on 13 October 2017
Nombre del Gobernador
Posted on 29 July 2017
Catherine Hunt
Posted on 04 May 2017
Richard Fowkes
Posted on 06 March 2017
Tripland Galeano
Posted on 17 September 2016
James BASTON birth ~1770
Posted on 26 July 2016
James BASTON born ~1770 Gibraltar
Posted on 17 July 2016
Posted on 08 July 2016
1911 Gibraltar census
Posted on 08 July 2016
My Stanley ancestors
Posted on 12 April 2016
Henry Edward pack
Posted on 10 April 2016
childhood friends
Posted on 20 March 2016
Posted on 19 February 2016
great grand father
Posted on 14 January 2016
Charles John Howe
Posted on 12 November 2015
Edward Pack
Posted on 09 November 2015
Posted on 02 November 2015
emilia auralia lopez
Posted on 01 October 2015
Posted on 06 September 2015
Sherriff family
Posted on 12 August 2015
Thomas Lenham
Posted on 21 July 2015
infant female Benoy
Posted on 14 April 2015
Sarah Ann ???? Married Willm Beard
Posted on 26 March 2015
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