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The Playful Teacher

Born here...The Playful Teacher begins her journey today. Well, officially, at any rate. In actual fact, the Playful Teacher has simply reached a moment of clarity.


Just watch young children, animals, even, explore the new worlds they find themselves in and you will see creative reasoning, problem-solving, speculation and the highest order thinking you would want from your university graduates, your future leaders and your future parents.

For me, the challenge is to capture the essence of play and safeguard its place in all of our schools and learning environments...throughout the education system.

Have a  look at some of the central ideas that I'm pulling together and see what you think.

Serious play...

This is it - the essence of creativity is the essence of play and vice versa. The trick, therefore is to create the appropriate environment to allow for SERIOUS PLAY in our schools and give air to PLAYFUL LEARNING.

This is my message, a developing and raw message right now but watch and enjoy the growth of the PLAYFUL TEACHER! Aaahhhh....I love it when a plan comes together! AT LAST!!! 


Okay, so Tim Brown is BIG in my thinking right now...but he keeps popping he is explaining Design Thinking - is this a way of bringing about change - exerting influence and experiencing its impact in learning?

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