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Creativity Charter

Inspired as ever by, I happened to follow a link to a new initiative called the Charter for Compassion and it made me wonder if a Charter for Creativity (in learning) could be created through this website and the work of the teachers I am allowed to hang out with.

Here's my first attempt at borrowing and adapting the structure they've used - thanks to them and to Creative Partnerships publications, whose ideas, prompts and challenging questions constantly inform my thinking...


The charter needs to open with a concise explanation of why it is necessary.

What good will having a charter do? 


We need short descriptions of eight (?) core elements of creativity:

1. Creativity is definable - what are the characteristics of creativity in learners?

2. Creativity is as important as literacy - what contribution does creative learning make to the personal development of learners?

3. Creativity can be explored in all aspects of learning - what does creativity in learning look like?

4. Creativity has concrete outcomes - where can we see the impact of creative learning?

5. Creativity can bring about real change - how can creativity be used to foster curriculum links/ generate new energy/ change thinking and learning culture?

6. Creative learners are empowered learners - how can we encourage learners to use creative processes for themselves?

7. Everybody is creative but not everybody uses their creative powers - how can we safeguard our inherent creativity from depletion?

8. Creativity has a fundamental role in building social capital - how can creativity be used to strengthen all relationships (individual/ organisational/ global)?


How might the following groups support the implementation and aspirations of a creativity charter?







Other (?)


A summary will then be required to explain the role of the charter and how it will make a difference - and who to!

So what do you think? Can you help? If so, please use the "I was here..." tab on the left to make your suggestions/ comments/ contributions.

Thank you!


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