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So I reckon there's a couple of key things about the PLTS to work on...

1. They are PERSONAL (thanks for this insight, Shawn!) - this explains why I'm so uncomfortable when  hear about schools coming up with enormous grids and levels to try and MEASURE the PLTS. I reckon they present an excellent opportunity to truly hand over learning. Have a look at the attached PLTS self assessment pilot document and see how we're working on in North Somerset.

Annoyingly, (as I thought I'd had a truly original idea) I've since discovered Personalisation by Pieces - developed by Cambridge Education, which works on a very similar (but scaled up & therefore much more expensive basis) - there's much to its credit but I am still NOT sure about the levels approach - even if it is the learners who get to decide on the levels.

I need to work through this some more, so I'll keep you posted.

Anyway, I've got three marvellous ASTs to work on this with me and, I hope, a couple of pilot schools to set up some learner-research groups. We'll then put together a network of teachers to investigate the PLTS and undertake some of their own action research to see if and how they can create PLTS opportunities in lessons (and beyond).

2. The other aspect of the PLTS I'm developing is about how they mesh together and at the moment, I reckon that Creative Thinking & Reflective Learning underpin the other four as integral dispositions - the remaining four seem to have external manifestations, but not relate directly to attitude or brain-work...anyway - all very rough right now, so I'll let you know how we get on.

If you have any thoughts or observations, let me know...!


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