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Creativity Strand

Working across the Weston Excellence Cluster, we are a group of teachers investigating CREATIVITY in our schools.

This page is intended to be a record of what we're up to and what we discover.

Members of the Creativity Strand can upload/ edit and collect their thoughts here if they want to - this is a REAL TRIAL...we'll just have to see how it works!

Suggested process: commit – focus – refine – plan – do – review – share -- what next-ing

Think about whether to undertake individual enquiry questions, or one as whole group, or in learning pairs or trios – how undertake our action research – what easiest, what best.


1.         Reflect on where we are so far

2.         Evaluate what we’ve discovered

3.         Share initial thoughts & ideas

4.         Develop/refine our enquiry questions

Then Collect evidence and develop


 Creative Thinkers

Question their own and others assumptions

Try out alternatives or new solutions and follow them through

Connect own and others ideas and experiences in inventive way

Generate ideas and consider possibilities

Adapt ideas as circumstances change


1.         Trust is needed for playful learning just as trust is needed to be creative…

            What can I do to build and maintain trust in a learning environment?

            Especially when play/creativity is a forgotten activity

2.         Creativity is not anarchy – it has rules!

            What are the rules for creativity….?

3.         When to adopt playful learning is just as important as how to adopt playful learning…

            When do we allow/facilitate playful learning?


Conditions for creativity?

Trust – to be creative

Play – we learn as children to explore playfully but with rules

Timing – time to be messy, time to be ordered

Explore – build and think with hands

Experience - act it out to develop empathy

We'll explore these ideas between now and next meeting so can work on some creative questions for the group/each person/in pairs – need to come from a personal conviction something you are prepared to spend some time on – not extra – theme from what been doing in strand meeting.  Then how can we support each other, how answer these questions.  Look at Learning to Enquire handout – good ideas, suggestions, help. Also need to think how can give this information out back in own schools. What going to enquire – how go about doing this – work as group on what going to develop.

We're off on a field trip in March. Piling into a mini-bus to visit  Corsham School in Wiltshire, who are hosting a SSAT conference around Creativity & the Creative School. Have a look at their website and you can see what they've already achieved - looks great! We'll be taking video cameras and investigation questions with us to see what we can find out and to test out initial enquiry questions. I'll let you know what we come up with!








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