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So here's what's at the heart of what fired me up and sparked the process of pulling my thinking together into one place. I was at a team meeting two and a half years ago and our line manager - fantastic chap called Paul, had been handed a copy of a now very well-known film of Sir Ken Robinson speaking at a TED conference. The influence and impact those had on me is borne out in my thinking and my emotional commitment ever since.

SIR KEN ROBINSON: How Schools Kill Creativity (TED)


One goal I have - to host a TED-style conference for the teachers and learners with whom I now work so closely to allow them to share their innovations, their practice and most of off, there passion for learning. It may even help them find their own talents!

Anyway, TED have put together a short film of what they're about...have a look and perhaps you too might see ways to adapt the  model and be inspired to organise an event:


SKR The Element is on it's out!, to keep stalking him (as I denied I was doing when I last met him...!), here's the main man again...speaking at the RSA earlier this year. I'm off to see him in London on Tuesday - nine other teachers & educators are also attending this event as a result of me finding some funding and spreading the word, which is excellent. I'll update you on his latest tour & his new book, The Element later this month. Five others will be seeing him in Bristol on Thursday this week, again, as a result of the programme of work focusing on creativity I'm involved in. Anyway, make yourself a cup of tea and sit back for an hour to listen to SKR...enjoy! Go to this link as it won't let me embed it...grrr.!

Go to:

Here's a similar idea - find it at - some excellent, fast-paced videos to peruse...


And here's Dave Eggers - wonderful, wonderful enterprising and creative learning...


The wonderful Elizabeth Gilbert - no longer need you blame yourself (entirely) for your lack of inspiration or creativity! What a great way to encourage learners (young and old) to just have a go and not be fearful of judgement! Who is YOUR Daemon?

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