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Members Models

A selection of members models with some technical information.


A Metcalf Mouldings kit of a 1913 replica pond yacht named Moonbeam. She is a fairly large model, overall length 52 inches and a beam of 11 inches, with an approximate displacement of 18lb.  Moonbeam is based on a prototype yacht that is believed to have been sailing on the Round Pond at Kensington in early 1913. The original model apparently sailed very well and was quite fast and this has been perfectly replicated with Moonbeam.


Thundertiger Victoria II

Standing over 4’ tall, Thunder Tiger’s Victoria Yacht is a light straightforward kit which is good for beginners and more serious racers and can be adapted in many ways. Length 779mm; Mast Height 1086mm; Sail Area : 28.6dm2; Beam 197mm ;Weight 2.1k.


Seaplane Tenders -  Probably from a 1950/60's Veron kit


1/10th scale Griffon hovercraft with both lift and thrust motors. From a Mark Porter plan.


1/24th scale Thames Saling Barge with sail arm servos.


Gato class submarine from a Revell kit and running on two 380 motors. Surface runner.


MFV Trident from a 1950's Veron kit.





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