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Rules of the Group

We have agreed a number of common sense rules with the Chichester Canal Trust. Any breach of these rules could cause termination of the use of the canal for model boating.

The Group has a duty to comply with the requirements agreed with The Chichester Canal Trust. Any breach of these rules could cause termination of the use of the canal for model boating.

1. The canal basin and canal is available at all days of the week unless directed or requested by The Trust. Please do not interrupt canal maintenance or any other activities undertaken by the Trust. Night time use is restricted only to dates approved by The Trust.

2. When Canal Trust boats, cruisers, rowing boats, etc, are navigating the area you are using your boat in, keep well clear. Do not hinder the passage and navigation of canal trip cruisers or any other manned water craft.

3. Group members must have due regard to other users of the canal, in particular anglers, canoeists, paddle boards, pedestrians, etc.

4. Keep all equipment out of harm’s way and don’t allow it to become a trip hazard. Not only your boat on the quay side or pontoon but ancillary equipment too.

5. Group members are not allowed to use the pontoons unless otherwise stated. Current use (as of Oct 2020 onwards) of the rowing boats pontoon is allowed. Any changes, you will be informed by the Group representative or The Trust.

6. Group members accompanied by children should keep them safe and well supervised especially on the pontoons.

7. You must fully respect the wildlife on the canal and its surroundings.

8. No internal combustion or steam powered craft allowed.

9. Electric model boats can be very fast on water. These types are not to be used on The Canal Trust waters. A rule of common sense to gauge your fast boat is ‘If you think it’s too fast to stop it before it can hurt someone or wildlife, do not use it’. Deliberately designed model power boats are not allowed.




The Chichester Model Boat Group is not a club and has no officials, it is mearly a group of individuals who enjoy their hobby and meet at the Chichester Canal. The Chichester Model Boat Group cannot accept liability in respect of any accident, loss or injury sustained by or occurring to any person or property attending any function associated with the group.





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