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17 June 20182018 Fixtures



    Carmarthen Bowling Club    
        2018 Fixtures    
          Venue Time 
  21st Opening Day       2:30PM
  26th Alcoa      PGL home 6PM
  28th Cardigan   Friendly away 2:30PM
  5th Tumble      C/S away 2:30PM
  7th Ladies     League Home 6PM
  10th Landore Social      Home 6PM
  12th Parc William    C/S Home 2:30PM
  14th Llangennech and Bryn DJ Jones away 6PM
  14th Ladies      League away 6PM
  17th Brynhyfryd    PGL away 6PM
  19th Ammanford Town    CS away 2:30PM
  20th County Trial    County Home 2PM
  21st Ladies      League Home 6PM
  23rd Super 10 Ladies    County Home  
  24 Landore Social    Harry Gooding Home 6PM
  26th Llangennech    C/S PGL 2:30PM
  28th DJ Jones 2nd Round       6PM
  30th Super 10 Ladies    County Home  
  31st Inco      PGL Home 6PM
  1st      PGL Competitions - 1st Round  
  2nd Swansea    PGL Home 2:30PM
  2nd Kidwelly Town   LL Away 2:30PM
  3rd Mid wales    County Home 2PM
  4th Ladies      League Away 6PM
  5th Landore Social   PGL Away 6PM
  7th Barbarians    Friendly Home 2PM
  9th BP Llandarcy    PGL Home 2:30PM
  11th DJ Jones Quarters       6PM
  11th Ladies     League Home 6PM
  14th Landore Social PGL   6PM
  16th Brynhyfryd    PGL Away 2:30PM
  16th Havelock Park    LL Home 2:30PM
  18th Ladies     League Away 6PM
  19th Pendine    Friendly Away 6PM
  20th Brynhyfyd    LL Away 6PM
  21stLadies     League Home 6PM
  21st Bridgend Municipal   PGL Home 6PM
  23rd Llanelli    PGL Away 2:30PM
  23rd Parc y dre   LL Home 2:30PM
  25thLadies     League Home 6PM
  25th DJ Jones Semi Final     Home 6PM
  27th Graig Merthyr    LL Home 6PM
  28thLadies     League Home 6PM
  28th Alcoa      PGL Home 6PM
  30th Bryncoch    PGL Away 2:30PM
  30th Blue Anchor    LL Away 2:30PM
  First two weeks of July - County Semi Finals and Finals      
  2nd Ladies      League Away 6PM
  5th Ladies      League Away 6PM
  7th Tata Steel    PGL Home 2:30PM
  7th Llanelli      LL Away 2:30PM
  9thLadies     League Home 6PM
  9th DJ Jones Final        
  12th Ladies      League Away 6PM
  12th Gowerton    PGL Away 6PM
  13th       PGL Competitions - Round 2  
  14th Landore Social    PGL Away 2:30PM
  14th Ammanford Park    LL Home 2:30PM
  16th to 20th    Festival week    
  17th Inco Vale    PGL Away 6PM
  19th Ladies      League Home 6PM
  19th Harry Gooding Semi Final PGL    
  21st Brynhyfryd    LL Home 2:30PM
  22nd Cardigan    County Home 2PM
  23rd Ladies      League Away 6PM
  26th Ladies      League Home 6PM
  26th Brynhyfryd    PGL Home 6PM
  27th Newport over 60’s    Friendly Home 2PM
  28th Gowerton    PGL Away 2:30PM
  28th Llanelli    LL Away 2:30PM
  30th Ladies      League Away 6PM
  31st Newport old High School Boys Friendly Home 2:30PM
  2nd   Inco Vale    PGL Away 6PM
  4th   Port Talbot    PGL Away 2:30PM
  4th   Havelock Park    LL Away 2:30PM
  4th County Ladies Semi Finals    Home  
  6th Ladies      League Home 6PM
  9th   Gowerton    PGL Home 6PM
  11th POW Court    PGL Home 2:30PM
  11th Parc y dre    LL Away 2:30PM
  13th Ladies      League Away 6PM
  16th Bridgend Municipal   PGL Away 6PM
  17th      PGL Competitions - Semi Finals
  18th Bridgend Municipal    PGL Away 2:30PM
  18th Ammanford Park    LL Away 2:30PM
  18th Welsh Ladies Semi Finals   Home  
  19th Welsh Ladies Finals     Home  
  20th Ladies      League Home 6PM
  25th Alcoa      PGL Away 2:30PM
  25th Blue Anchor    LL Home 2:30PM
  26th Tyn y Twr    Friendly Home 2:30PM
  1st        PGL Competition Finals  
  1st   Graig Merthyr    LL Away 2:30PM
  8th     Kidwelly Town    LL Home 2:30PM
  9th Lampeter    Friendly Home 2:30PM


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