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Day 6 1/2 - 2pm ~ Thurs 21st

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
Alfred L Werker | USA | 1939 | 85 min | Cert U

Basil Rathbone is back in the deerstalker.  Nigel Bruce is fab as Watson, George Stucco steals the show as arch-enemy Moriarty, and Ida Lupino shows up, too!  The crisp gothic imagery is by Leon Shamroy, who shot South Pacific, Cleopatra, Porgy and Bess and The King and I, and the plot is a humdinger in which Moriarty plans to steal the crown jewels, and tries to dupe Holmes…We can’t wait!

Day 6 1/2 - 7pm

The Fearless Vampire Killers
Roman Polanski | USA/UK | 1967 | 108 min | Cert 15

Middle Europe, one gleaming, snowy night.  A professor and his dopey assistant arrive at a village.  They are trying to protect a damsel (in distress, of course), but are assailed by vampires.  Gorgeous colour, dazzling camerawork, touches of Laurel and Hardy, thrills and spills. Roman Polanski directs and plays the assistant.  Like a Chagall painting come to life.

God Gives Nuts, But He Does Not Crack Them
Matt Hulse | UK | 2008 | 6 min | Cert PG

The World Premiere, introduced by director Matt Hulse, of this splendidly quirky Super 8 short, introducing us to James Duthie, the deaf cyclist from Fraserburgh who cycled into the Arctic Circle in 1951. Matt’s long-anticipated and ‘very, very, very pregnant’ feature project is adapted from Duthie’s journal ‘I Cycled Into the Arctic Circle’.

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