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Day 3 1/2 - 2pm ~ Mon 18th

I Was Born, But…
Yasujiro Ozu | Japan | 1932 | 100 min | Cert U

Two cheeky wee bully-boy brothers get into fights at school because someone disses their dad.  When they’re told off at home, they go into a huff…Master director Ozu makes the boys’ world burst into life.  This delightful wee gem is a classic anyway but we are thrilled that composer Simon Fisher Turner will perform the world premiere of his new score for the movie, just for us!  Unmissable.

Day 3 1/2 - 7pm

Shadows of Our Forgotten Ancestors
Sergei Paradjanov | Ukraine | 1964 | 97 min | Cert PG

Think Romeo and Juliet set in the Carpathian mountains in the mid 19th Century.  Legendary director Paradjanov conjures a world of brilliant costumes, vivid music, ritual and worship.  There are shots from under meadow flowers; at one point a camera seems attached to a tree as it falls.  This is glorious, baroque cinema at its best, a heartfelt celebration of life and culture.

Plus the Scottish premiere of three of Derek Jarman’s splendid, inventive shorts – Studio Bankside, Tarot and Sebastian Wrap. Introduced by producer James Mackay.  Jarman loved Paradjanov’s movies.
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