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Activities for Children

Especially for Children

Remember to respect the graves, and the special place you are visiting, do not run or shout and always follow the instructions given by your teacher or the grown ups.

1. Draw a map of the cemetery, including interesting trees, gravesites, and water Show north, south, east, and west on your map.

2.  Has the weather affected the gravestones? How and why?

3 Find the earliest and the most recent dates on the graves. Are there any flowers on old graves?

4. Make a list of first and last names found on gravestones. Are some used more often at a particular time? Are there any unusual names?

5. Chose three examples of people who lived for a long time.

6. Are there any examples of the cause of death?

7. Note the different styles of grave decoration that you find. Record the different styles, (such as a cross or obelisk) and carvings. Are all the grave markers stone?

8. What symbols can you find on the headstones? What do you think they might mean?

9. Find graves of church ministers or important people in the community. Are their graves bigger or more important-looking than other people’s?

10. Find graves marking war deaths – note which wars and how many from the community gave their lives.

11. Find how many people were born in the same place that they died.

12. Chose one grave which you find interesting. Try to find out more about that person or family and how they earned a living, where they lived, who was their family and as many personal details as you can. With the information write a story about their life.

13. Look at the information you have collected and then compare it with other countries or times e.g. ancient Egypt, modern India.

14.  Write an epitaph or poem you would like on your own grave

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