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       Ch  Merrythorpe Mulberry JW  x   Potterdale Prim 'N Proper

D. O. B  26th September 2006              Breeders Mr & Mrs Ewart


This pretty little bitch was returned to her breeder at age eleven months from a home which wasn't quite working out as planned, and her future remained uncertain until the day she visited  Jackie's (just for fun) for instinct testing.

A  lovely head study of a windswept & hardworking BELLA

She showed such energy and fluency on her first encounter with sheep that Jackie our trainer (who swears she is NOT a "Beardie person") was unable to resist the temptation and so shortly afterwards BELLA  moved in to start a new chapter in her  life.

 She has already proved she is a fast learner, in fact she does everything FAST......!

Jackie is having a lot of fun with her

Training a young Beardie can be  frustrating  sometimes as it is easy for her to become distracted but  here  quite early in her training BELLA is intent on her job  showing that she is capable of intense concentration at times, although, judging by her body language she still regards her job as fun rather than work!

BELLA's ability to control & be at ease with sheep can be seen here as she brings the flock on to her handler - a handler's view of the 'fetch'

Three months into her training and BELLA is needed to gather the large flock in the Zoo Field, and pen them for attention. So much of what she has already learned is needed today, plus she will need to use her initiative as well if she is to succeed in this task


BELLA watches to ensure the last few stragglers safely join the rest of the flock - a practical use of the "stop" command and she has no problem co-operating. The teamwork is falling into place nicely now.

All sheep safely gathered in, and BELLA on duty guarding the pen mouth. Well done, young lady!

Taken earlier this year - BELLA flanking at a good distance from the sheep, something that it is difficult for  Beardies to understand as they tend to work too close & pressure the sheep & themselves!


 BELLA's interest in sheep herding now appears to be waning, so we do hope that Jackie's new young pupil MIRK can become our resident demo Beardie at The Glebe


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