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    Raefell's Firecracker  x  Mollyfleck Cwmmoiro Lightning Lady

          D.O.B   8th July 2004                                 Breeder Mrs Sheila Jones

Hugh is currently training  our third generation of   herding Beardies. - six year old NELL.  She is the daughter of BOB (R Firecracker) & the grand-daughter of  ROSIE (Ch Charncroft Copper Rose. ) See their own pages.

What follows is a pictorial record of 'training in progress'!

A video clip of Nell working with Carl  at our August  09 Herding Weekend



Head study of NELL after a session with the sheep.


 Despite being the sweetest, mildest girl at home she is an intense,  & commited worker - amazing to watch  her transformation in the sheep field!   NELL was introduced to sheep for the first time by Carl at the Herding Instinct day in August 07. Notice her tail carriage & body language indicative of a 'gung ho' attitude!



 Often an intense dog like NELL is uneasy  working in close proximity to sheep so the next stage in her training is to accustom her to her woolly friends so that she feels at ease.  Here she is working with Hugh in the close environs of the barn - building confidence.




After a few more sessions of barn work NELL is now much more confident & at ease with close work. Here you can see her  steadily  & calmly working the sheep out of a corner & along the fence.


Once the basic control is  there then NELL can move on  to more interesting work!  Here  she is being  taught how to 'wear' the sheep to the handler.- ie the sheep follow the handler & NELL follows the sheep  calmly & steadily keeping well off them. Quite a stress free exercise all round!



NELL is now ready to do some useful work on her own driving her  little flock to her handler. A complete change from her initial  'let me at 'em'  attitude  she  is  a study in concentration here, note the level topline & lowered tail carriage of a dog totally engrossed in her job.


 November, three months  & only  a dozen or so lessons after she was first introduced to sheep NELL is able to  flank her flock both ways   & bring them on home. A good beginning, something on which she can build  in  future lessons &  hopefully become a useful sheepdog.


After her long absence from herding this Winter, NELL pleased us all with some good steady work with a large flock of sheep.


Although NELL  holds the KC's Good Citizen's Gold Award in 'pet obedience'  training a dog to work stock is still the best way to ensure that you have an reliable & willing companion

A super picture of a 'sheepdog', concentrating, & determined!


Even after a hard day Nell still has time to play with a  friend



Nell working with Carl & Hugh at the May Herding Weekend (2008). Nell is working well calmly well off the flock quite an achievement for a keen impetuous dog  such an improvement from her first introduction to sheep a year ago.



Another pic of Nell & her handlers working a larger flock on Twentylands in May  



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