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Lynda T has kindly sent us her impressions of our April  Herding Day - many thanks Lynda.


Another great day at The Glebe was had by all on 25th April. 

We had -
Liz with Blaze and Honey
Hugh & Nell
Liz H & Maisie (Border/Springer X)
Lynda with Izzy & Harry
Ron & Bess
Christine & Cawley
Alex & Wallace

The new round pen has provided us "novice sheep folk" with the chance to feel just a touch more in control of the situation. With the handler and sheep inside the pen, most managed to get their dogs working both ways around the outside of the pen.  The sheep meanwhile were nice and calm all day, and with no getting stuck in corners or on the fenceline, the younger and less experienced dogs got the chance to work to their hearts' content.

The following series of photos show how invaluable the new round pen was in maintaining a high interest  level in  the  less experienced dogs.

Lynda with Izzy


Christine with Cawley


Liz with Honey


Ron with Bess

 The more experienced dogs took delight in being able to work in the more open spaces of Jackie's other training areas, but I know I opted to head back to the round pen after my youngster, Izzy, lacked a little confidence in the larger area.

Izzy -  a picture of concentration!


We were lucky enough to be joined by Liz Harris today, a McTimoney therapist who kindly saw several dogs in between working her own lovely girl, Maisie, a border springer cross. Liz's gentle touch and manner was enough for the dogs to be settled with her while she "manipulated and

The highlight of the day though had to be watching Jackie and Mirk in action. Seeing Mirk switch from young bouncy beardie to working dog is testimony to Jackie's training and dog handling skills. An inspiration to us all.

 Jackie with Mirk


The heavens opened early afternoon which put paid to any more herding but provided the opportunity to chat through some of the logistics for the June event, when Gianni Canopoli comes across from Italy to hold a clinic.

One of the nice things about The Glebe is the relaxed nature of the day. There's a willingness to provide the opportunity to a wide variety of dogs and types of beardies, to come along and see if the herding instinct is there, or whether it can be enticed out.  Very little is certain: of
my four non-KC registered beardies, two show herding instinct and two none whatsoever, whilst we have had some very strong herding dogs from KC lines who also perform very well in the show ring. But either way a day spent in good company is always guaranteed!

Footnote. I hesitate to call my dogs "Working Line Beardies" as heritage seems to be no guarantee of working or herding ability. Just as well we love them all the same!



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