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Ch/IrCh Gallus Macracker at Kyleca JW x Merrythorpe Blackberry Way

  D.O.B.      2nd March 2008                  Breeders: Mr and Mrs M.J Jay


  MIRK looking very smart on his first birthday


 MIRK (formerly known as Murphy) is Diva's younger brother  from a repeat mating earlier this year. As a 9-week-old puppy he went to a home that didn't work out as planned - through no fault of his own - so at age seven months he was returned to Liz his breeder. 

 Whilst he was back with Liz she thought she should try him on sheep to see if he was as keen as his siblings had been in the summer.  He took to sheep as the manner born to the delight of  both Liz & Jackie - who declares him possibly the best KC beardie she has seen so far!!!

 Very Keen
MIRK never takes his eyes off the sheep until tactfully stopped and removed from their presence


Here aged seven months and looking quite leggy, but showing lots of interest from the start 

When he is a little more mature his training will start in earnest.  Everything we have learned from our experiences with Bella, Nell and Diva will come in very useful, and we (tentatively!) have high hopes of young MIRK

  Getting Round Them
With only a little guidance, MIRK is encouraged to circle the sheep both ways.



 One is leaving -  8 month old MIRK shows poise as he holds the flock to his handler from a nice distance; his eye is on the straggler to his right .



 Working well on 99 mule shearlings ...



One year old today  (2/3/09 )

 (It's Wiston Cap under a bear skin ) 




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