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In September 2007 a small fluffy kitten joined our household and following a family vote was duly named Dillon, a very nice name but later to prove something of a misnomer!  He (at that time we all believed "he" was a male kitten) came from friends Carol and Roy of the Jaroca Bearded Collies all the way to Yorkshire from Angelsey when "he" was just nine weeks old, and very soon had "his"  little white paws firmly under the table.

"He" was a hit with all the dogs from the start with Jess making first claim on his affections.  Sunny the cockatiel was perhaps not quite so impressed!

Dillon/Dillan has grown  into a beautiful young cat with a confident, playful nature, and is clearly thriving on a natural diet of fresh raw meat and fish, being especially fond of partridges at the moment - able to eat a whole one over a couple of meals! We were advised not to be in a rush to have him neutered, as Maine Coon cats are notoriously slow-maturing, and were happy to go along with this while he showed no objectionable "Tom Cat" behaviours.

However over Easter 2008 our young man starting behaving very oddly and slowly the light dawned!  He is now officially a she...

Name remains the same but now spelt Dillan, short for Dilys Ann.....

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