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                   MEG'S PUPPIES

Four black and white bitches, one tricolour bitch, four black and white dogs, and two tricolour dogs - born (mostly) on Mothering Sunday - 2nd March 2008

Congratulations to MEG and of course RYAN too


                                 MEG THE NEW MOTHER

Meg did a great job and these puppies have now gone to their new homes.  If you would like to be placed on the waiting list for any future litters please feel free to contact us to discuss this possibility. 

All puppies will be vet checked before leaving our premises, and are available to approved homes only.

Please note all our puppies are naturally reared and weaned onto a raw natural diet from the start, and are not available to their new homes until a minimum age of nine weeks.  Visitors to meet the adult dogs in residence are welcome by arrangement only please.



You may wish to visit the AuNaturelK9 website for a deeper understanding of the NR philosophies, or check out some of the links on this one.  If you are new to these ideas, that's fine, and we are happy to offer guidance.  Experienced NR owners are of course welcomed with open arms!



                     The pups from Meg's March 2008 litter are now well over a year old - the feedback which we have received from their families indicates that those who have continued with the natural feeding are delighted with the results: they have solid, well-boned youngsters  with good appetites and contented, laid-back dispositions, never sick or sorry, which are growing into sensible and good-looking adults.  We were so pleased with the homes they went to, all seem to be great people who love and appreciate their Beardies and want to do their best for them.

                             Growing nicely - photo 5th March 2008

                 Plump and sleek on 13th March 2008 aged eleven days

                           Competition at the Milk Bar is keen!

      Contented babies display their fat little tummies - soooooo cute!!

                           Bedtime - 1st April 2008 aged four weeks

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