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20.3.24. Dave had 5 Siskins in his garden at one time. ~20% of members have birds nesting in thie gardens. One Brimstone seen. Avril counted 62 Frogs in her pond. National re-wilding day. ~ 5 members are membrs of Butterfly Conseravation. ~ 10 are members of the RSPB.  

27.2.24. Dave Gilbert and Graham Birkett both saw Siskins in their gradens. 

21.2.24 A poll of the audience of 32 revealed taht ~ 30% had seen a Sparrowhawk in their garden at some point in the past. 

Winter 2023/4 Good for Waxwings: Beeston, Ilkeston and Gedling Country Park.

Summer 2023 Several members had Hummingbird Hawk-moths visit their gardens (Wollaton, Ilkeston).

December 2022 2-legged fox seen in a garden on Derby Road, Ilkeston. (Able to walk using its front legs, hind legs missing.)

05.10.20 Great White Egret seen at Attenborough NR

04.10.20 Poplar Hawk Moth caterpillar seen by Patricia McHale & Nigel Downes at Straws Bridge

Bearded Vuluture seen by Brian & Margaret Hobby near Ladybower Reservoir 

13.3.20 Graham Stamper heard about a pair of Peregrine Falcons nesting at East Mill, Belper and posted some impressive photographs on Facebook.

12.3.20 Mike Harrington reports rescuing 100 toads at Strelley Village.

10.2.20 Joan Shelton observed Grey Herons nest building at Wollaton park

3.2.20 Whooper Swan at Attenbourough NR (Marion Bryce)

21.01.20 Nigel & Patricia saw 2 Bearded Tits from the Kingfisher hide at Attenborough NR, feeding on the reeds. 

18.01.19 Nigel, Patricia & Dave were lucky to see 2 Bank Voles at Codnor Park Reservoir.

Jan - Feb The North & East Midlands Photographic Federation had an exhibition of prints at Patchings Art Centre at Calverton. The natural history shots included Dave Gilbert's 'Sea Eagle' and Derek Martin’s 'Chalkhill Blue'. There was also a winter photo of Attenborough taken by Derek Martin and a steam train taken by Dave Gilbert that received a Highly Commended award.

17.01.20 Martin Roome, 'Sinfin Moor; 5 ringed gulls on the raft; most suprisingly two Black-headed Gulls were newbies and both from E Germany and I was really pleased to refind Common Gull MA16476 back again for its third year (this bird is now over 24 years old being rung as a pullus (chick) in Norway on August 1st 1995).'

16.01.20 Patricia's photograph of a Redwing, taken at Kirk Hallam, is published in the Ilkeston Advertiser's 'Reader snaps'

15.01.20 Pete Clark, 'Goldfinches love Lemon Balm seeds in the winter, this reliable perennial is a must for any garden'.

28.12.19 Dave Gilbert’s Facebook post of a pair of Cattle Egrets at Attenborough NR, ‘They were in the field, (with the cattle), beyond the sailing club and next to the railway line. There were  also plenty of Little Egrets (which have black beaks) in the same field, so it is a good chance to compare them’. There is also a visiting Slavonian Grebe that has been seen near the visitor centre. Brian Hobby has seen two Whooper swans on Clifton Pond.  


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