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How does coaching work

How many times have you either heard (or said), “Diets just don’t work?” All too often, people who want to lose weight believe that their lack of success is the result of the wrong diet, their work schedule, their genes or a belief that they are depriving themselves of something! WLC believe, that successful weight loss happens as a result of having the right mindset, understanding how your own excuses sabotage you, and living with small and manageable changes. It’s not about the circumstances; it’s about your ability to say what you are going to do, mean it and follow this through. It’s really that simple, but many people lack the ability to stick to this. Building that habit of following through on what you said you would do is the part that takes work, and having a weight-loss coach is a huge benefit when you are looking to change personal habits once and for all.
In addition to developing your Personal Integrity around your weight loss goals, we look at what caused the weight to come on in the first place. An essential step in keeping it off forever. Past and current upsets can be resolved and negative thought patterns are discovered and corrected with the help of a weight loss coach. You learn the fundamentals of nutrition, relaxation, sleep, stress and emotional eating. You will learn how to eat healthy and in a way that is consistent with your goals.
If you are truly ready to get to work…
If you are interested in hunting down and eliminating the habits and beliefs that are no longer benefiting you…
If you are ready to go after and achieve your dream body…

Then WLC is definitely going to help you…….

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