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11111132 Rev. Charles Patrick de Candole

Charles was born on 27 January 1907 in Samford, Suffolk, the second son of Rev. James Alexander Corry Vully de Candole and Mary Paterson.

Charles joined the Royal Navy as a Chaplain on 21 September1937.

Charles married Audrey (Imogen) Nicholson (see below) in July 1946 in his home parish, Toft, Cambridgeshire..

They had two sons and three daughters:-

Nigel Vully, born 1 May 1947

Susan Felicity, born 25 December 1948 in Southsea, Hants.  She was married on 2 Oct 1971 in Witchampton, Dorset, to Robin Clay.  They had a son Toby Charles de Candole Clay, born 21 December 1973 and a daughter Annarella Violet Clay, born 17 September 1975

Simon Charles, born 21 July 1952 in Plymouth;

Imogen Mary, born 5 June 1955 at HMS Haslar.  She was married on 16 August 1975 in Witchampton to Robert Turner.  They had three daughters, Lucy Joyce Turner, born 7 June 1977 in Weymouth; Georgina Alice Turner, born 9 April 1979 in Weymouth; and Hermione Rose Turner, born 31 March 1984 in Weymouth.

Victoria Lucy, born 2 November 1958 in Templecombe, Somerset. She was married in November 1986 to Alexander Hudson. They had no children.


01.01.1938-(09.)1939 HMS Rodney (battleship) (Home Fleet)
15.12.1939-(02.)1941 HMS St Vincent (boys' training establishment, Forton)
27.02.1941-(08.1942) HMS Morgan (RN base, Kingston, Jamaica)
(02.1943)  no appointment listed
24.04.1943-(10.)1943 HMS Gosling (training establishment, Risley, nr Warrington, Lancashire)
29.11.1943-(04.)1944 HMS Good Hope (training establishment, Port Elizabeth, South Africa)
(06.1944)  no appointment listed
09.1944-(07.1945) HMS Highflyer (RN base, Trincomalee)
28.02.1946-(04.)1946 HMS Collingwood (training establishment, Fareham, Hampshire)
27.12.1946-(07.)1948) HMS Vernon (torpedo & anti-submarine school, Portsmouth)
(12.1948)  RN Hospital Haslar [HMS Victory]
17.03.1949-(05.)1951 HMS Caledonia (RN apprentice training establishment, Rosyth)
11.05.1951-(05.1953) HMS Drake (RN base, Devonport) (for miscellaneous duties)
?-(04.1955) Naval Hospital Haslar [HMS Victory]
25.11.1955-(01.1957) Naval Hospital Malta [HMS St Angelo]
28.07.1958-(01.1960) HMS Heron (RN Air Station, Yeovilton, Somerset)
19.04.1961-(07.1961) RN Barracks, Portsmouth [HMS Victory]
?-1962 HMS Tyne (accommodation ship for the Senior Officer Reserve Fleet, Devonport)

Charles retired from the Royal Navy on 27 January1962.

He placed a personal ad. in The Times - "Retired Naval Chaplain seeks country living". There was but a single reply, so they returned his money.  But that reply was all he needed.  He was appointed Rector of the Parish by the Patron of the Living of the village of Witchampton, Dorset, where he remained for 22 years, before he retired to live in Wimborne.  During that time, he was also Chaplain to Dumpton Preparatory School nearby.

Charles died on 23 Septembr 1992 in a Nursing Home in Canford Magna, Dorset


Audrey (Imogen) Nicholson

Audrey was born on 2 June 1924 in Liverpool. the elder daughter of Leonard Herbert Nicholson (1894-1964) and Doris Braddock (1899-1998), who were married in Q3 1923 in West Derby, Liverpool. 

Audrey jouned the WRNS and served as a plotter, tracking convoys and U-boats.  After the war, she became a driver for the WRNS, and one day was sent to the station to collect a naval Padre - whom she married.

Audrey died in 1996.

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