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A history of the family originally


but now

de Candole

This WebSite was created on 7th January 2021 to record and make available what is known about the family now bearing the surname de Candole.

If this is your first visit, you are invited to read the Introduction, which tells you about this WebSite, what it contains, and "navigation tips" - perhaps the most useful is that, if you follow a Link (red and underlined) the click opens a new Tab; having seen it, you might like to kill that Tab to go back - otherwise you may end up with lots of open Tabs !

You might like to read The Family's Origins, for the first records that we have found show the family in Switzerland, then in the Netherlands, before coming to Britain - though there MAY be other branches as yet undiscovered.

This WebSite tells the stories of males born with the surname Vully or de Candole.  Each male has his own Page, telling his story, and of his spouse(s) and children.  For those still alive, the entry is restricted to what is available elsewhere on the Internet; for those now "gathered", much more may be posted.  The stories of the wives's families, or of the married daughter's families, though mentioned here, are not on this Vully de Candole WebSite - you need to seek those other families elsewhere.  Some "names, dates, places" MAY be found here (click on a name to move).

Access to each person's Page is through a Link on the Family Tree or through a Link on their father's or child's Page.

The earliest ancestor that we have yet managed to track down is believed to be Jean Gaspard Vully, of Rolle, Switzerland, born in 1665.  But there is much more to be discovered - I hope !


All contributions of information / corrections gratefully received - just click here.




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