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11111131 Corry Alexander de Candole

Corry was born on 29 August 1905 at Holton St Mary, Samford, Suffolk, the eldest son of Rev. James Alexander Corry Vully de Candole and Mary Paterson.

Corry joined the Royal Army Medical Corps, and his first posting was to Bombay, where, on 19 January 1933, he married Nancy Luce.

They had two daughters and two sons:-

Janet Mary, born 5 February 1934. In 1957 she married Anthony Tempest HOLT (1934-2012) and they had three sons - 
       David Anthony HOLT, born 6 August 1958, married in 1985 to Mary Lou Leo and they have a son Evan HOLT, born 12 JAN 1987;. 1957, m. Mary Lou Led, and they have a son 
              Evan David HOLT, b. 1987

       Jonathan Corry HOLT, born 6 December 1959,

       Richard HOLT, born 6 April 1962.  , m. Deborah Connerty, and they have 
               Zachary Connerty, b. 2006

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Clare was born 12 April 1940, In August 1965 she married Keith Trefor Bennett, and they have three sons and a daughter:-
         Simon Keith BENNETT, born 6 October 1966, married August 1992                       to Kirstie Ann Stevens, b. 1968, and they have -
                Amanda Ann, b. 1996
                Kennedy Clare, b. 1998
                Reese Rian, b. 2003

         Andrew Corry BENNETT, born 15 February 1968, m. Karen Zeznik, b.                  1969, and they have -
                Aidan Andrew, b. 2001
                Brynn Leise, b. 2005

          Crispian Paul BENNETT, born 25 January 1971, m. Kayce Lewis, b. 1967,            and they have -
                Jana Lewis, b. 2003
                Piri Lewis, b. 2004

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          Nicola Clare BENNETT born 10 December 1976, m. John KENDRIGAN, b.            1978, and they have -
                John Liam KENDRIGAN, b. 2008
                Riley Keith KENDRIGAN, b. 2011
                Asher Jack KENDRIGAN, b. 2014

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James, born on 13 May 1942

Richard, born on 7 July 1950.  He has written an interesting account (with pictures) of some aspects of his parents' life. More about it in a booklet here

Here is a Military CV for Corry:-

Corry Alexander de Candole<-
MRCS Eng LRCP Lond 1930;
MB BChir 1935;
MA MD Camb 1951 (Camb & St Geo).

Permanent Regular Army Commission:
Lt 27 Jan 31.
Capt 1 May 34.
A/Maj 2 Sep to 31 Oct 39 and 15 May to 15 Jun 40.
T/Maj 16 Jun 40.
Maj 27 Jan 41.
A/Lt Col 7 Oct 43.  
T/Lt Col 7 Jan 44 to 21 May 46 and 28 May 46 to 23 Feb 47.
Lt Col 24 Feb 47.
Retired pay: 17 Mar 53.
Ceased Regular Army Reserve of Officers: 29 Aug 62.

India 1932-37.
BEF France 1939.
BNAF/CMF 1942-43.
Paiforce: Assistant Director of Pathology, 1943-45.
India I945~45 
Assistant Director of Pathology, Central Command, 1945 and 1946,
Assistant Director of Pathology, General Headquarters (India) (Research): 1945.
Assistant Director of Pathology, Scottish Command: 1946-47.

UK Army Liaison Staff on loan to Canadian Defence Research Board 1951-52.
Specialist in Pathology 1938.

1939-1945 War Medal
1939-1945 Star
Africa Star & clasp 1st Army
Italy Star
Defence Medal

Corry died on 11 December 1985 in Vancouver, Canada

Nancy Luce
Nancy was born in Berby on 25 April 1911, the daughter of Richard and Mary Luce., 

She taught the piano for many years, and was a founder member of th British Columbia Music Teachers' Association in 1965.

She died in December 2007 in Vancouver, Canada. An obituary was published in The Globe and Mail on Dec. 5, 2007.

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