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Club Gossip

A running bet is set to continue next season between Baz and Marc. The bet has been running since 2005 season to see who will have scored most competitive goals in a season...BUT...since 2005 neither has scored a goal.

This bet could run and run.

New Bet Issued

Richie as laid down a similar bet to Spot and Stu. Spot has accepted it but Stu has been quiet so far. Update after Spots dismal start with two Og's it looks like he could be paying out before the league fixtures get under way.


Spot looks dead and buried with his bet against Richie but will NOT pay out until final whistle of the season as Spot will be looking to push forward this Space. B -).

P>s Stu you had the right idea

Paid up

Spot paid his bet to Richie on Saturday night at the dinner dance, tho he was hoping since he scored the same amount of goals it would be a draw( albeit all Spots goals were in his own net)

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