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News / results.
Morning chaps,
any chance of updating results/ tables / fixtures.It was a good source of info , now its dragging its heels .Is there no gossip in Tongue ?
Posted by Graham on 12 August 2009
Afternoon chaps,
is the site going to be updated soon , always like to see scores / tables updated .
Losing track.
Posted by Hod on 06 August 2009
Shameful lack of club gossip
Was having a wee nosey on the website to get some sort of Tongue banter fix knowing that I missed out on the dinner dance (bloody Mexico...) but am very disappointed to see an almost total lack of club gossip and scandal. The season might be over but your (global) fan base would welcome any updates of players misconduct and banter in the Tap! :)
Posted by Suz Cross on 06 November 2008
very sorry for lack of info on website..can't think of much goss...dinner dance went tremendously well our host and captain...Vernon hopefully to follow - did a sterling job on the night. i will put out reminders to all squad members that this site depends HEAVILY on gossip and general slander
Posted by G Spot on 12 November 2008
gary spot
does that old timer really still try and play football
Posted by george(dode) mackay on 29 July 2008
haha good to hear from you mate..nope premature end to my career after botched surgery last winter....a HUGE loss to the sport...hope your well
Posted by Gary Spot on 15 September 2008
Team details
I reckon it's about time you updated your squad details. It's a long time since Stu was 27 (although he still wears that old jumper in th pic)...
Posted by Hugh Mackay on 18 June 2008
noted Hugh and yes i think he was wearing it at wedding dance at weekend
Posted by Spot on 24 June 2008
new season
Posted on 30 March 2008
Posted on 25 March 2008
happy new year
Posted on 04 January 2008
Bridge of Don FC
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Bridge of Don FC
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League position
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team photo
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baz goal
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Magic shirts
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