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First Round Cup Draw

The first round will be played on Mon 15 May - except for div 4 sides who have a priority league fixture on that evening. Games involving Div 4 sides - indicated by an asterisk - will be played during w/c 15 May but after the Monday. In matches involving Div 4 teams, the home team should make the first contact.

The preliminary match between Nomads and Caerleon A should be completed by Mon 15 May so that the round 1 match against the Sleepers takes place the same week.


ROF Nomads.     v.       Caerleon A

Round 1


ROF Nomads/Caerleon A.         V.           Rising Sun Sleepers *

Twyn Y FFrwd A.                        V.           Aber Blues

Rising Sun Shunters                   V.           Red Lion

Caerleon Cohort.                        V.           Halfway Allstars

Wheatsheaf Eagles.                   V.           Caerleon Greens

Clytha B.                                      V.           Ponthir Stars

Talywain Cougars. *                    V.           White Hart Stags *

Greenlawn. *                                V.          Caerleon Blues

Machen Bouligans.                     V.           Halfway Allstars Others *

Aber Golds. *                               V.           Panteg

Caerleon Centurions.  *              V.          Little Crown

Aber Reds.                                   V.          Monmouth PC

ROF EXiles                                  V.          Wheatsheaf Falcons

Machen Mountaineers.              V.          Rising Sun Buffers

Twyn Y Ffrwd Fighters *            V.         Rising Sun Locos

Ponthir House.                            V.         Clytha A

Pilcs.                                            V.         Sharks *

Clytha C.                                     V.         Talywain Tigers

ROF Cannons.                            V.         Upper Cocks *

Wheatsheaf Harriers.                V.         Dormice *


Also See the Rising Sun Boules Club FaceBook Page for Cup Draw Details

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