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I am Lorraine Young, the principal instructor and owner of the Pilates Miracle in Javea, and this is my story.... so far!

As a health and fitness professional for the last 30 years, I often think back of how I got into Pilates. Having taught everything from Step, Aerobics, Yoga and latterly Les Mills BODYPUMP & BODYBALANCE I found myself with a bad back in my forties and preparing for a back operation with trepidation.
I had to wait three months for the operation and the surgeon suggested Pilates. I decided to give it a go but not really believing it would work.
I can honestly say that it changed my life and cured my back problem resulting in no back operation.
The result was so amazing that I decided to train to be a Pilates instructor in the Pilates classical method.
I have never looked back and find the classes I teach extremely rewarding, watching people progress from not lifting their arm above their head to easily doing it in six weeks puts a smile on my face.

The benefits of Pilates are potentially life-changing. Pilates can really make a difference to your health without taking its toll on your body.
If you want to be more flexible, stronger and well balanced Pilates is a great option. The benefits that you will learn and enjoy will give you a healthier, stronger and more flexible lifestyle, to say nothing of the stress release.

What are you waiting for?

The Pilates Miracle looks forward to welcoming you to a better lifestyle for you.

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