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The Pilates method is an exercise system focused on improving flexibility, strength and body awareness. It prevents injuries and helps relieve stress and tension, as well as complementing all other sports.

The Benefits of Pilates

Improves Flexibility - the stretches and exercises in pilates help to elongate your muscles and increase your range of motion, and will improve your performance in other workouts.
Increases Muscle Strength and Tone - the core muscles of your body remain contracted and engaged during a Pilates workout, keeping them lean and building better endurance and strength, with less risk of injury.
Improves Breathing - with proper deep breathing blood is better able to deliver oxygen to the appropriate muscles and organs. This can cleanse the body of toxins and helps muscles recover quicker.
Improves Posture - Pilates makes you more aware of your ability to pull your stomach in and pull your shoulders back and down for good posture and spinal alignment no matter what activity you are taking.
Reinforces Strong Mobile Joints - Pilates elongates and strengthens your muscles, improving muscle elasticity and joint mobility and can help control arthritis.
Builds Better Balance - Practicing Pilates improves physical coordination and balance and promotes good posture.


Classes are taken in our beautiful air-conditioned studio in Javea Port with small class numbers assuring you of both a safe and comfortable environment.

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