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We offer a range of classes and 1-2-1 personal training for all levels of fitness.  If you are not sure which class to join then please do give us a call to discuss your needs.


Pilates & Pilates Reformer

The Pilates method is a series of controlled movements performed on the mat or the reformer machine. Two of the key elements of Pilates are core muscle strength and spinal alignment.  We have a beginners Pilates classes for those just starting out on their journey.


Pilates for Beginners / Refresher Pilates

Ideal for those who have not tried Pilates before or those who wish to refresh their skills.
Suitable for all ages, you will be taught Pilates at your own speed and level.
A fun class with great results. 
Monday and Friday at 10.30am - do come along!


Barre Fusion

Barre Fusion is a workout that includes the use of a mix of weights and small equipment using the principles of Pilates. Barre Fusion will tone, strengthen and lengthen your muscles without adding bulk. It is a low impact form of exercise so it is gentle on your joints and suitable for all ages. Barre Fusion will develop your core strength, balance and flexibility whilst helping you to achieve the posture, balance, strength and increase flexibility.



This class incorporates aspects of Yoga, Pilates and other exercises for strength and alignment. A challenging cardio core class with the emphasis on fun.


Yoga uses breathing techniques, exercise and meditation. It helps to improve health and happiness and relieve stress. Yoga means union.

Body Harmony

Body Harmony combines Yoga, Tai Chi and Pilates in a workout that builds on flexibility and strength leaving you feeling calm, centred and in a state of harmony.


Ideal Body

As it suggests, this class is for creating the ideal body. We focus on static-dynamic exercises: 25 min cardio exercises, 20 min cardio pilates exercises and 15 min stretching. The class is adapted to all levels and ages.


Stretch and Tone

Stretch and Tone is a low impact workout that will tone your muscles, increase your range of motion and flexibility, and help you to relieve stress. Through a series of stretching and toning exercises, we will develop breathing techniques to compliment this resistance training workout. This class is aimed to improve core strength and tone your whole body.



Teen Barre

Barre with elements of Pilates will help to improve form, flexibility, upper and lower body strength. Each class will emphasize correct form, alignment, and core strength. This class will help improve posture and being low impact will help all fitness levels.


Teen Circuit

Our fun circuit training sessions specifically designed for teenagers that involve cardiovascular, bodyweight and small equipment exercises and is aimed at boosting speed, agility, strength, and core stability. This class is ideal for improving various sports performance.


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