the Hexatrek..
13 November 2023

Following business and a meal we were delighted to welcome back local adventurer Ewan Archibald - also known as ‘Aquaman’ to our meeting of 13th November. He last spoke to us about his marathon walk along the Pacific Crest Trail in America - 2653 miles and 13,155 feet of hills. 

This time it was a splendidly illustrated talk about ‘Hexatrek’ the long-distance hike through France from north east to south west - a 1900 mile trail, linking 14 of the most beautiful natural parks and crossing France from the Vosges to the Pyrenees and with almost 500,000 feet of hills to climb! From the Vosges and the Great East through Northern Alps, Southerm Alps, Gorges and Causses, East Pyrenees and West Pyrenees to finish at the border with Spain

The six stages took Ewan a total of four months and his outstanding photographs  showed off the fabulous country that is France. Forests, hills, rivers, gorges and snow-covered alps.  And the wild creatures that live there, including scary anecdotes about vultures. Spectacular. It was difficult to comprehend the fitness level and energy consumption needed to accomplish such a challenge - and the number of pairs of shoes worn out!

As we heard before his food was high calorie, with a predominance of coffee, oatmeal, ramen noodles and cheese. 5 - 6.5 kcals a day! To sustain a 20+ mile daily average.

The Fife Coastal Path does not even begin to compare. What a remarkable adventure. Following many questions an appreciative vote of thanks was proposed by Eric Govan. 

East Neuk Emergency Trust..
18 September 2023

Following business and a meal, speaker at the meeting of the 18th September  was Jill Sanderson who is a volunteer with the East Neuk Emergency Trust and who gave an update on the trust’s work.

Started in 2001 by Revd David Laing, who was also a club member, the group provides emergency support for individuals and families who find themselves in (usually sudden) and very difficult and stressful circumstances. These are situations where instant help is needed and where Social Services may take some time to respond.

We heard that situations are of a random nature affecting people of all ages and support can be money or items as diverse as shoes, white goods, beds and bedding, carpets, and bus fares. 

The trust does not deal directly with those in need, but in response to a referral from professionals such as social workers and health staff.

Jill emphasised that the trust is run entirely by volunteers, with the only business expense being for the auditing of accounts. Rather than monetary support she was looking for additional volunteer support. 

Following questions a vote of thanks was proposed by Tom O’Connell

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