The Rotary 'year' runs from 1st July to the end of June. As we have come to the end of the 2017/2018 year we would like to thank everyone who supported us in whatever way.

Rotary is not just about raising money for good causes and this website has information about many of our activities. However you may be interested to know where the money that is raised goes.

The  Club organises a variety of fund raising events, some of which raise money for specific charities, and some for the Club's charitable fund.  Every year, in June, club members decide how this charitable fund should be distributed. 

All the money you give us for charity goes to charity.  Our modest expenses (less than £900) are met from services we sell, such as the Christmas post and the coastal walk transport, with the surplus from these services also going to charity. Typically each year we distribute £25,000 or so to local, national and international charities and other good causes - including the following:

The Rotary Foundation - which is Rotary International's own charity fund, and is one of the world's largest charities. We donated £1,200 which included £600 for the 'End Polio Now' campaign.  (Rotary International has been the driving force behind, and a significant contributor to, a twenty-odd year campaign to eliminate polio from the face of the earth). 

As part of our work with young people we sponsor a Primary School Quiz, Secondary School debates and  a special activity week for one or two Secondary School pupils. The week aims to build self-confidence and leadership skills. We similarly sponsor a Secondary School pupil to attend 'EuroScola' - a development project working with young people across Europe, to provide exposure to the European Parliament. We are too supporters of national Young Chef and Young Musician competitions. 

We supported local charities, including those nominated by walkers on our sponsored Coastal Walk. 

The lion's share of  the Coastal Walk proceeds went to national charities nominated by the  walkers themselves and a list of the charities that benefited from the Coastal Path Walk can be found in the section about the walk.

We also made donations to 'Shelterbox'.  Shelterboxes and other disaster boxes are another of Rotary's great success stories. They contain items – tents, tools, cooking utensils, water purification equipment - that the disaster relief agencies regard as vital; the boxes are easily transportable – by planes, jeeps, mules or men – and are of limited interest to looters and corrupt officials. They can be stockpiled and usually start arriving in disaster zones before the TV cameras.


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