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It has been identified that there is a lack of transport to and from the Rosehall/Oykel area and a meeting was held on 12th June at Rosehall Village Hall to discuss this problem and attempt to find a solution.

Before embarking on a lengthy process to set up a sophisticated scheme it was decided to initially set up a Facebook page where people can offer or ask for lifts. This would identify more accurately the actual need and the availability of people to respond to this need. Full notes on the meeting detailing all options discussed will be available shortly.

A fee of 45p per mile was discussed and to avoid any embarrassment, and to ensure that volunteer drivers are not deterred in offering future lifts, it is politely requested that those accepting lifts pay their driver promptly at the end of each journey. Additionally, we are aware that not everyone will have access to a computer or to Facebook and would appreciate other community members being prepared to post and relay messages on their behalf. To those offering lifts or accepting lifts - please note that this is an informal arrangement between yourselves and you should ensure you are comfortable participating in each trip. Finally, if you are reluctant to post on Facebook the exact details of the trip at the time, then a note after the event would be appreciated so that we can monitor the success of the group. Thank you.


Rosehall Community Transport Facebook Page

Transport Meeting Notes/Minutes

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