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My Grandfather Donald John Borthwick was born there in 1908 and my Great Grandparents Robert Borthwick and Margaret McKenzie were married in Lairg in 1902. I am very happy to be able to see pictures of the area!
Posted by Shona Borthwick on 22 March 2019
Great, glad to hear that.
Posted by Julie Stevens on 22 March 2019
Good to hear from you. I am secretary of our Rosehall Local History Group ( very few members now! )
I see in the 1881 census, residing at Glenoykel, David Borthwick, Head shepherd, born in Moffat, Dumfries, his wife Mary Ann and daughters Mary Ann 22, Matha Isabella 14 Grandsons Andrew 12 , and Alick 12 , son ? William 6 Isabella 1 granddaughter, Helen Maclean married to Angus MacLean shepherd, franddaughter Margaret McLean 4 Margaret Nicola McLean 3, Granddaughter . Please contact me if there is anything else I could help you with. Yours sincerely, Lily Byron
Posted by Lily Byron on 22 March 2019
Still haven't received the newsletter via email! Can you add me please?
Posted by Michele Buss on 30 June 2018
Hello, I have both of your email addresses included in the mailing. Maybe check your spam/junk mail. To double check please email me both or your preferred email address for me to double check. Thanks.
Julie oakwell.julie@gmail.com
Posted by Julie Stevens on 02 September 2018
Rose hall primary
My father attended rose hall primary school from 1924 till 1930 was wondering if there is any class photos of the time he was there and where I would b able to get them
Posted by Fiona morgan on 21 September 2017
Possibly! Please contact me at the above e-mail address. We have a wee local history group. Just saw this tonight! Best wishes, Lily Byron
Posted by Lily Byron on 22 March 2019
Take me back in time.
We lived in Rosehall when I was young and have fond memories of life there. The primary school where my class consisted of Hector Mackenzie, Angus Mackay & myself and the school had 23 in total. playing rounders and Angus setting the wood on fire when we were burning the grass in the playing fields. Talking too much in class and getting the belt from the head "George Murray" on a daily basis ( he would be jailed in today's world but it never did me any harm ) Mrs vass trying to get us all to sing in tune, impossible task.
Going fishing in the Big Burn for brownies and for rainbows with Alan Gilmour on the Fuar loch, he rowed the boat all day and told us stories about his younger days (not the war) and tried to educate us on the highland wildlife. We would go up now and again to paint the boat. It was indeed a privilege to have known him and he should always be remembered as the real hero that he was. The clipping at Invercassely farm, Sam Moffat (Donald Morrison's grandfather), who worked as a drover when and many other interesting characters whose name elude me now.
Getting 3d back on Lemonade bottles from Achness Hotel, and playing in the hay barns that are now chalets.
Swimming in the pool below the bridge, freezing cold, and picnics at the falls on good summer sunday. Getting kilted and sent off to sunday school at the church of scotland.
All good memories when you look back.
Posted by Ian Fraser on 07 June 2017
Hi, I am moving into the area and am wondering if there is a local Gardening Club? Thank you
Posted by Mitch Buss on 17 July 2016
Hi, There was a gardening club held at Rosehall Village Hall but not sure if it is planned again, will try and find out for you.
Posted by Julie on 19 July 2016
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