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A regular visitor to Rosehall for fifteen years - was sorry to see the Stalker Adam Spokes move away.

I am up to the Outer Hebrides in October and the Boarders in January, but have a hankering to travel again up to Rosehall.

Is the stalking still going on, or has have those in power ruined it?
Posted by AndyMAC on 08 August 2023
Hi,Just found you.Recently I discovered my Grandad was married in Rosehall in 1895(James John Mackay/Helen Macintosh).His father Donald,gamekeeper turned innkeeper ran the Oykel inn for 27yrs until his death in1905Donald was married(1860)to Mary Jane Fraser.They had 11 kids between1862/1881.Georgina,Catherine,James John,Peter P,Maggie s,Thomasina,Elizabeth,Donella,Johann(a)?,Sarah H.My father Donald son of James John moved to Australia in 1950,aged 49. He had 3 daughters + 2 sons(must be in the blood)I've no idea of any relatives on the Mackay side but planning atour this Autumn I look forward to visiting Rosehall.
Posted by Hamish Mackay on 26 April 2021
Family and Rosehall
How thrilled I was to find this website. My Grandparents John Ross and Annie Ross (McLeod) lived in West Lodge in Rosehall. My grandfather worked in the ‘big’ house. My father Ian David (referred to as David) his sister Barbara (they were twins) and their younger sister Kathleen were all brought up there in that house. My dad went to Rosehall Primary School. I have a picture of him there in 1938 when he would have been 11 years old.. My grandfather’s sister Catherine Ross (Kate) lived in the area too. Also my auntie Ina (Dolina?) who was my grandmothers sister lived in Rosehall too. I know I had other relatives there, but it was such a long time ago now. My grannie and grandad lived in Cassley Drive after retirement. My auntie Ina (grannie’s sister) lived over the back in a little bungalow. In fact I was on holiday in the North of Scotland two weeks ago and we visited Rosehall. Such a lovely quiet peaceful place. I just love it there. It holds such happy memories for me. So I don’t know if anyone who reads this happens to know of any of my family?
Posted by Valerie Chambers (m.s. Ross) on 14 October 2020
Hello. I knew your granny who was a good friend of my Auntie and Uncle Cathie and John Munro. Was Barbara know as Barrie? Please e-mail me lilybyron77@gmail.com I would love to communicate with you. We still have our Rosehall local history group but we cab’t meet just now because of Covid.
I forget to look at this website!
( I was the headteacher in Rosehall School until I retired) Best wishes, Lily Byron ( nee Mackenzie, the Barracks, Rosehall)
Posted by lLily Byron on 26 October 2020
My Grandfather Donald John Borthwick was born there in 1908 and my Great Grandparents Robert Borthwick and Margaret McKenzie were married in Lairg in 1902. I am very happy to be able to see pictures of the area!
Posted by Shona Borthwick on 22 March 2019
Great, glad to hear that.
Posted by Julie Stevens on 22 March 2019
Good to hear from you. I am secretary of our Rosehall Local History Group ( very few members now! )
I see in the 1881 census, residing at Glenoykel, David Borthwick, Head shepherd, born in Moffat, Dumfries, his wife Mary Ann and daughters Mary Ann 22, Matha Isabella 14 Grandsons Andrew 12 , and Alick 12 , son ? William 6 Isabella 1 granddaughter, Helen Maclean married to Angus MacLean shepherd, franddaughter Margaret McLean 4 Margaret Nicola McLean 3, Granddaughter . Please contact me if there is anything else I could help you with. Yours sincerely, Lily Byron
Posted by Lily Byron on 22 March 2019
Still haven't received the newsletter via email! Can you add me please?
Posted by Michele Buss on 30 June 2018
Hello, I have both of your email addresses included in the mailing. Maybe check your spam/junk mail. To double check please email me both or your preferred email address for me to double check. Thanks.
Julie oakwell.julie@gmail.com
Posted by Julie Stevens on 02 September 2018
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