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12 October 2017Volume 6

Volume 6 is VERY tightly bound.  My attempt at scanning didn't wok

Yesterday I took delivery of a new hand-held scanner, that I hoped would do the trick.  But No.

So today I set up a jig to hold the pages open at 90 degrees, using non-reflective glass to weight the pages down for a flat, in-focus image that I photographed.  The first seemed a bit dark, so I turned a spotlight on - but that coloured the image, so for the even-numbered pages I took it all outside for "natural light"

Alas !  The quality is nowhere near as good as I would have liked, but it is readable - though my OCR program had trouble - I think some of the pages need to be "straightened".  Bu that's a long tedious job.

So I have now photographed No. 1 (of 3) of Volume VI, and shall be transcribing it bit by bit.

Today I have posted the first six pages - but they need a lot of cleaning up !


I would be very grateful for any offers to transcribe an article.  My ain is to put all six volumes up here ... eventually !  My priority, though, is to scan Numbers 2 & 3 of Volume Vi.  This (FREE!) WebSite only permits 30 pix, each less than 500 kb., so I can't upload the images here.

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