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This News page is updated every time another story (or more) is added.  

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19 March 2018Accident

My computer died on 10th February.  It has taken this long to get the new one working, but I still need to re-install OCR software and Speech-recognition. 

"Normal Service will be resumed as soon as possible".

17 March 2018Hi !

My computer died; it has taken me a month to get back up-&-running...

And Gail has kindly sent out another story - 19490000 Honeymoon

Gail writes - 

... as so many of you enjoyed my mother's short story about Christmas in Feira, here's another one. This is about her honeymoon - which was a trip by barge from Chirundu to Feira. I do hope you all enjoy it too and that there are no typos. The original typewritten text was so faded and the pages so yellow that I could not scan it in.


10 February 2018L.H. Gann

I have just uploaded (to New Stories) the Preface, Foreword and Contents of Lewis H. Gann's book,

Northern Rhodesia, 1894-1914

2nd edition, 1968

From reviews of the first edition (1958):
'A book everyone should study to get to grips with the reasons for today's problems.'—Central African Post.

'The author, who combines historical with cultural-anthropological erudition, has succeeded in writing a history of the area that also takes into account such internal factors as the political relations between the tribes, their social and political organization, etc. The historical development that led to the plural society of 1914 is shrewdly analysed and an investigation is made into the role played by each of the components: Africans, missionaries, the officials of the government, and the white settlers.'—International Review of Social History.


'One would wish this book to be widely read.'—The Guardian.

'Working with anthropologists, Mr. Gann has been able to give a detailed historical sketch of the tribal position when the Europeans arrived, has shown where the missionaries went, and has then brought on to his stage administrators, miners, railwaymen, farmers and traders, men who, in their racial complexity (British, Afrikaner, Jew, Indian and other), had entered the plural society of Northern Rhodesia by 1914. Mr. Gann's scholarly use of the Rhodesian and missionary archives makes this a most valuable work,'—History.

17 January 2018New Stories


I have been "tidying up" and adding to "New Stories". These are New in the sense that they are old stories - stories of times past - that have just come to light.

If YOU have a nice story (long or short) to add, please click >here<.


13 January 2018Tidying up

I have now completed the "Contents" Lists for Volume 2 - that's ONLY the lists !

I have also added a "Contents List" to the NEW STORIES Page, with Links to many of the Files in the Library - more New Stories are always welcome !  Please just send them in.

10 January 2018Summary

Pete Roberts has been so kind as to send me some transcriptions he had done; these are now available on here [List follows].  There are now 108 files on this WebPage, out of a total of about 500 = 5 Volumes of 6 Numbers + Vol 6's 3 numbers = 33 Numbers.  Add in the "New Stories" (contributions welcome !).  Each Number has about (say) 15 articles - 34 x 15 = 510.  So we are about 20% complete.

I am concentrating on Vol. 6, which has about 54 items, of which 20 are done.

These are the files Pete has sent me:-


1951 NRJ Vol1 No4 p80-83 Native Name of the Falls (plain text).txt

1952 NRJ Vol1 No6 p64 1905 First Regatta.txt

1953 NRJ Vol2 No1 p2-8 Lewankia in Edinburgh.txt

1953 NRJ Vol2 No1 p73 1910 Int Regatta.txt

1953 NRJ Vol2 No2 Lewanika in London.txt

1953 NRJ Vol2 No2 p89 Island names.txt

1954 NRJ Vol2 No4 p116-7 Accident at building of Bridge (Sharp J).txt

1957 NRJ Vol3 No3 279-281 day of  discovery.txt

1959 NRJ Vol4 No1 18-21 Discovery  of the Falls.txt

06 January 2018More added

Volume 6 No. 1

Aerial Surveys in Northern Rhodesia by G. D. B. Williams 

More About Hector Croad

06 January 2018Vol. 6 No.1 Two more

Mwandi: Old Sesheke by F. M. Thomas and M. G. Billing

North-Eastern Rhodesia Constabulary: Two Photographs by Angus Cree

and some  Tales From the Outstations

03 January 2018Vol 6 No 1 - another article added

The Memoirs of Henry Rangeley. Part I  About The Old Drift, Livingstone, and Kalomo, the capital - he was "the legal department"

01 January 2018Volume 6 Number 1 under way

So far done :-


Edmund Davis (1854-1939) by R. Murray-Hughes 

The Luanshya Snake by J. E. " Chirupula" Stephenson [whose biograhy I am currently reading!]

Some Waterfalls in the Northern and Luapula Provinces

Work continues.

29 December 2017Volume VI started

Volumes 1 to 5 are already available as images, but Vol. 6 is not.

I had been working sequentially, and was doing Vol. 1 No. 5, but have now dropped that, and started on Vol. 6.

But it's a long slow process - and I took a fall & dislocated my shoulder...

But I have made a start.  And there's also "French Marie" in Vol 6 no. 2

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