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The "New Stories" shelf contains interesting stories about "the early days" in NR that might have been included in the Northern Rhodesia Journal were it still running.

There is no "cut-off" date - "history" starts with yesterday!

This document library contains files that are available for you to download.  None is larger than 500 Kbytes.

Some early ones are WORD files, with a   docx  extension, but more recent ones are all .txt files.  With either, once loaded, you can just "save" them onto your computer in the usual way -  File > Save As....  

Pictures are generaly NOT included; you can find them at http://www.nrzam.org.uk/#NRJ

The OCR is not perfect - please let us know of any typos, etc.

Be aware !

If you click on one of the buttons at the bottom of the screen or on the right, it takes you to an advertising site.  Sorry about that - but you have been warned!


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