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The Northern Rhodesia Journal

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The Northern Rhodesia Journal was started in 1950, but ran only for fifteen years, publishing five Volumes, each of six Numbers, and a final sixth volume of three Numbers, i.e. 33 issues altogether,  before the Journal ceased publication in 1965, shortly after Zambian Independence.  There were two issues a year, but three in 1964.  All except Volume 6 are available on Ian Singer's excellent WebSite >here< [but as IMAGES only].

THIS WebSite was created to hold all the TEXT from the NRJ, OCRed from those images, so that Google and other search engines can find the articles for you, and so that you can cut'n'paste the text if you want to quote it.  THIS WebSite only allows 30 images, each less than 500 kb, so if you want images, either go to Ian's WebSite (or this one), or ask.

The Editorial and Introduction to the very first issue,  that explain the purpose of the Northern Rhodesia Journal  (NRJ), can be found here

The complete "run" of Volumes I to V of the Journal have been scanned (by Arthur ?), who passed them to Caroline Goetzee.  These (well-indexed) images are on-line here. 


New Stories - The Journal had a relatively short run - only 33 issues.  So we are collecting her what we call New Stories; these are stories / articles / what have you that we think would have been included in the NRJ were it still being published today.  There are no "hard and fast" Rules about this, but as a guide, and in the spirit of the NRJ, stories are about Northern Rhodesia, rather than about Zambia, though there will be overlap.  Contributions are very welcome.


Volume 6 is quite rare.  Adam Goulding of Townsville was so kind as to send me a copy, that I am scanning and will post here bit by bit.  I shall also send a copy of the scans to Ian Singer to put on his WebSite. Thank you, Adam !


Current work is concentrated on Volume 6, because Volumes 1 to 5 ARE available, if only in image form.   Once those three Issues are done, then I shall start again and work through in chronological order - unless you would like an article to "jump the queue", in which case, just ask.  It matters not to me.

This WebSite (created 31st October, 2013) is provided free, but is paid for by the ads on the right - AND at the bottom of each page.  If you click on those you are transported to another page - you have been warned.

This WebSite gives the Northern Rhodesia Journal in searchable text form, OCRed and transcribed from those images. This means that eventually, Google et al will find the appropriate page when you do a search on any particular word or phrase. OCR is not perfect, so there WILL be transcription errors; please let us know. Work continues. 

Click here to see the progress - do check often..  If you drop us a line, we can e-mail you whenever more is added.


New Stories

Most readers of the NRJ regret its passing.  However, this WebSite has a Page for New stories that might have made it into the NRJ were it still being published today.

If you have any uch tales to tell, please send them to us, and we shall post them in the Library in similar format, as "New stories".   Preferably as WORD files or plain text files, smaller than 500 kb, otherwise pictures have to go in seperate files.


You can find each article - whether NRJ or New Story -  by clicking on the Link, filed under Volume + Number, see Tabs on the left of your screen.  When you click on a file name, that file is opened in a new Window, and you can then print it or "save" it if you want.  When you have finished with it, just close that Window to return to this WebSite.

The published Index is here..

Note about the ads

I pay no subscription to the Provider of this WebSite.  That means that it should last "for ever".  But it does have to be paid for, hence the ads, over which I have no control.  The Provider is paid by the advertiser at so much "per Click", so if you want this Site to remain, click on a Link !  You don't have to buy anything; and it's not a scam. Just "Click & Kill", if you like ! 

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