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The CQB Combative Program is the culmination of over 25 years training and practical experience in both unarmed combat and personal weapon skills.

The senior instructors have over a decades worth of instructional experience teaching close quarter combat, self protection and specialist weapon skills to a wide range of civilian, security personnel and high end corporate clients.

The CQB Instructors Program incorporates our unarmed combatives, edged weapon and operational tactics training into one cohesive syllabus. We consider this our base level combatives skills program. This is NOT a "knife gymnastics" martial art, but IS a practical combative program that provides the operator the skills needed for self protection


The CQB method comprises the use of western style combatives - unarmed and edged weapon based - into a comprehensive syllabus and is practical for the lone operator working "in the field" or for an already existing instructor training a larger unit.  .

This training program consists of 85+ hours worth of hard work, mentoring and guided learning.  This can be worked on a monthly or bi-monthly basis, and primarily consists of one to one tuition or as part of a small training group.

From this start point we cover the fundamental combative skills needed before increasing the learning curve and culminating in a final practical skills assessment.  Please note this is a Pass or Fail course.

We welcome expressions of interest from serious practitioners who wish to apply for this program.  Examples of these individuals would be:

  • Specialist security personnel/PSD
  • Law enforcement and military personnel
  • Civilian and high risk environment operators

Not all applicants will be successful by any means, as we expect to turn down more than we accept. However if you have a genuine interest in this discipline, a genuine need for this training, and think that you have the "right stuff" to complete this course of instruction, then please feel free to get in touch for an information pack.

The basic criteria for acceptenace that we have implemented is:

  • Applicants MUST be over the age of 21
  • Submit to a background/CRB, medical check and interview process prior to acceptance.
  • Have a basic understanding of self protection principles
  • Have a genuine reason for this type of training.  We may require a letter of proof from an employer/commanding officer/government department.

If you can't meet these basic criteria, then I'm sorry but we're probably not for you, and therefore we have the right to refuse your application.


Further details are available upon application.

The course fee covers;

  • Full one-to-one instruction, venue hire and insurance.
  • CQB aide memoire DVD (Not available outside of this program)
  • The CQB Manual of Instruction - featuring over 200 pages of CQC information and history (not available outside of this program).  Contains previously unpublished material.



We also have the facility to provide a bursary to potential CQB candidates.  This provides financial support in relation to fees and equipment for the student.

This bursary is funded partly through the Modern Combatives Group, together with the assistance from several finanacial benefactors and contributers.

However, this financial package is ONLY applicable in exceptional circumstances and for those that we consider to be an asset to both the MCG and the future development of the CQB program of instruction.

The CQB bursary is available by invitation of the MCG only.



To apply for an information pack please fill in the contact form on this web-site in the first instance, providing full name, address,and contact numbers.




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