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The Modern Combatives Group as well as being a learning facility for combatives and specialist security skills, also takes an active interest in researching the history and development of close quarter combat methods. This includes unarmed combat, knife, stick and firearms.

Together with our investigation and publishing team we are constantly researching not only the techniques, but also the historical context and biographies of the men behind the training.  These are then stored in our archives for future generations of CQC students at the group.

From here we provide manuals, books, factsheets, DVD's and historical lectures into areas of CQC history for MCG members, friends and associates.

This can be to people new to the area of CQC or for those "seasoned" experts wishing to expand on their pre-existing knowledge.  We have several more publications due for release over the coming years into the areas of WW2 combatives, special operations forces and Allied intelligence operations.

All research is officially documented and where possible source details are provided.  Much of the information that we have unearthed has never before been available to the general public.


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