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The Modern Combatives Group close combat series are intensive programs that prepares the individual to prevail in vicious close quarter attacks by one or more attackers.  Students are taught how to use simple but powerful combative tactics and techniques under the effects of startle, fear and lethal force.

These courses would be beneficial for the average person concerned with personal security or for corporate personnel travelling overseas and concerned with the ever growing threat of street attacks and random violence. This is not a traditional martial arts seminar - but a close combat system designed to deal with the reality of a violent assault.


  • Unarmed Combatives
  • Anti and Counter Grappling
  • Self Protection and Personal Security Skills
  • Military Close Combat
  • Counter Weapons (including knife, stick and handgun)
  • Stick and Impact Weapon Combatives
  • Close Quarter Blade Skills and Knife Combatives
  • Close Combat Handgun
  • High Risk Operator Specialist Training Programs
  • Stress and Scenario Training

The MCG is a private training group and currently training is only available to our regular associates or to people they have sponsored.


Subject to certain criteria being met we do run private 1 on 1 lessons in one or more of the following disciplines.  Our rate is £30.00 per hour - or in a block rate of 2 hours for £50.00.

To secure a private lesson booking we require a 50% deposit - conducted through paypal - with the balance being paid on the day.




Every Summer we hold our annual "Bash & Slash" close combat training day.

This is when our friends and associates from all over the UK travel up to spend a full day studying and training in a range of close combat skills.

We also, on occasion, invite Guest Instructors from other systems, who we think have something innovative and interesting to show us.  Please get in touch for more details.

Numbers are strictly limited and it is run on an invitation only basis.  However we are happy to take submissions from new people who are also interested in studying CQC.  Please get in touch with some background details and we'll consider your proposal.  We do reserve the right to refuse potential candidates.


MCG -Instructors Credentials:

  • David Armstrong is a professional security consultant who has over 13 years experience working in the specialist security and investigation industry. This has included running high level executive protection operations in the UK, Europe and the Middle East, as well as working undercover and covert surveillance projects in both non-permissive and hostile urban environments.
  • 25 years close quarter combat study, involvement and training which has included studying both Western and Asian unarmed combat styles and integrating them into a practical combative system.
  • Since 2000 has instructed civilian, law enforcement and security personnel in a variety of disciplines from personal security to combatives to high risk operator weapon skills.
  • CRB checked and approved
  • Members of the British Combat Association (BCA)
  • Fully PI/PL insured
  • Written numerous self protection and security related articles in UK/US magazines
  • All associate instructors come from a security related background and are conversant with a wide range of close quarter combat skills


MCG Instructors - Skills/Proficiency:

  • Unarmed Close Quarter Combat
  • Impact Weapons and Extendable Baton
  • O.C. Spray/Pepper Gas
  • Knife Combat and Blade Combatives
  • Semi-Automatic Pistols (various)
  • Combat Pump Action Shotgun
  • Carbine and Assault Rifle
  • Tactical and Protective Driving
  • Paramedicine
  • Executive Protection Skills
  • Covert Surveillance Skills



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