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Hi ,
It was a great session and was very useful, it’s given me something to practice. The striking is something I will practice a lot and those takedowns were awesome. Actually I was taught a very similar take down in KM never worked for me and now I know why, it wasn’t taught at all properly, the corkscrewing action was taught but not the snatching the head to the chest. Now I am happy with that take down.


Mark H - Civilian working in high-risk locations (Middle East, Africa)

"I like the way you guys train.  These MMA guys get too much credit.  You guys are doing the real deal, old school self defense with a modern approach.  Much respect."
Randy S - USA
"I really enjoyed the combatives session yesterday, please keep me in mind for seminars or training in the future.  I hope to get over again for more training."
J. Henderson - Door Supervisor, Manchester


" The (Modern Combatives Group) Self Protection Training Program, is a must for those who wish to get a really good insight into Self Protection. I myself have found the program very self satisfying. I was a person with very low confidence, and would not venture out of my door, but with there training, it helped me to spot and look for relevant signs, and to take the relevant action, which could be as simple as crossing the road. And the techniques are first class."

Barry A, Chorley
"I've just finished the modern combatives combative skills program - which was reccomended to me by a colleague - and I have to say I was very impressed.  Simple, effective, practical techniques, all presented in a concise teaching manner.  First Class. 
Connor J (Security Officer), Crewe
"Hello David, just thought I'd drop you a line to say how much i got from the tactical baton and impact weapon training modules that we've been working on.  I now feel more able and confident to deploy it if and when the occasion arises.  An excellent training package - thanks again!
Karen H, (Police Officer, Cheshire)                                      



"Hi Dave - the [ECQB Bodyguard Skills] course was superb.  I personally discovered a lot more about the reality of the physical and technical side of the job from this course than I did during my original training!!  I'll be recommending it to the rest of the lads in my security detachment."
Steve H, Professional Bodyguard/PSD Operative, Iraq 




Hi David,

A blast from the past...

I went through your website. Kary, Kasper, GHCA.  Glad to know someone is keeping the tradition alive. Ten years ago, everyone who was into our type of knives knew who they were, today.....not many know.....but life goes on and business is still good.  Thanks for the link, I appreciate it.


Al Polkowski, Custom knife maker of the Kasper Fighting Knives range

"Thanks for an excellent course mate - I really enjoyed it. For those looking for UK RBSD/Combatives instruction Dave's training and material is second to none - strongly recommended, and I mean what I say about the course BTW - very, very good."
James M, London 

"Hi again - a huge thank you to you for the day on Saturday - both of us really enjoyed it and learnt a lot.  We'll be practising (on each other of course), and will be looking out for the next course.  Brilliant day!"
Jo and Tom, Manchester

"I really enjoyed the Modern Combatives course and I will be interested in taking future courses/modules."
William N,  Leeds 

"I walked in a "wimp" but now I feel more confident about being able to handle situations as a result of this training."
Tom S, Wirral  

"A great self defence course - all the ladies really gained a lot by attending it."
Diane Griffiths, Membership Co-ordinator, Fitness First, Merseyside 

"I would recommend the (MCG) combative self protection skills courses to anyone SERIOUSLY concerned with "looking after themselves" on the street."
Andrew D,  Business Consultant, Cheshire

"The (Edged Weapons Awareness/XPD Program) training was relevant and realistic, providing skills and knowledge to afford greater protection in dealing with edged weapon threats.    Anyone serious about their self protection should sign up for this programme."
Chris H, Police Officer - North Wales  

"I enjoyed the course immensely.  I have learned one invaluable lesson from yesterday, despite what society tells us we don't need to be nice to every single person we meet, because they might not be playing the same "good guy" game.  The part about body shapes in relation to drawstrokes of a knife was brilliant.  That had never entered my head as a concept but really makes sense when pointed out."
Graham B,  - North Wales   

"Thank you for a terrific (Edged Weapon Awareness/XPD Weapons) course.  Please do keep me informed of any future courses that you do, and I would welcome any advice that you have to help me improve myself.  So again thank you, James and everyone else on the course."
Lee Martin, Door Supervisor/Security Personnnel - Manchester 

"I have had the opportunity to watch the (Modern Combatives) seminars, very good use of equipment, hard training and use of combative blows.  Above all the guys and gals seemed interested in training and helping each other - no big heads."
Ralph Grasso, WW2 Combatives Expert and Police Officer - U.S.A.  

"Having seen action both in the military and working security in a civilian capacity, I can assure you that getting into a violent confrontation is a scary and dangerous situation to find yourself in.  You had better know exactly what you are doing or you may end up getting dead very, very quickly!!! The (Modern Combatives) training gives the everyday person on the street a better than average chance of surviving an unprovoked attack.  This course is essential for personal security and emergency services's operators, and the training and its instructors are the "real deal".
Jim Carney - Former Soldier, Bodyguard and Security Manager - UK/Kuwait 

I just want to say thanks again for the time I spent with you and your guys on Saturday (at the ECQC Handgun Seminar). I had a fantastic day and learnt shed loads!! The whole day has left me feeling (very knackered and) empowered.   I found myself walking through the services on the motorway, thinking,"I could deck you.... and might give me a bit of trouble...but I could have you!!"
Dan W, Surrey, UK 

Just a quick email to say thanks for all the training on the CQB Handgun course ? a great assistance to my current skills that will help with all my future security works.  I look forward to training with the Modern Combatives guys in the UK very soon. Gracias.
Domingo R, Private Security Contractor, Spain



Just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed the Edged Weapons Course and to say thanks to you and James for excellent instruction.  The day really brought home to me how brutal and terrifying a knife attack can be and showed how best to deal with this kind of situation using common sense techniques and a determined mindset!!

I did go home a bit battle-scarred and had some impressive bruises the next day but it was definitely worth it to gain the experience.

ANDY G - Derbyshire

Alright lads

Just letting you know that we had a superb day on the (nemesis close combat) program organised through Jim on Saturday.  I've been in the Army for 5 years now and to say that we learned SO much about unarmed combat in one day with you fellas is an understatement.  Terrific, simply terrific.  The part about combative battle fitness really brought home the struggle of in your face fighting!  Highly recommended.

Johnny P,  Infantry Soldier, UK Armed Forces

Thanks again to you, James, Ray and the other lads for a good sesh (Nemesis Program).  The ski mask guys, yes, a particular highlight.  I think I enjoy the scenarios and stress drills the most, even though at the time I'm pleased to hear the final whistle!!

Tom Mc - Manchester

It was a really great day (Nemesis Program), good refresher for some stuff and learnt a hell of a lot of great NEW stuff.  It was a great bunch of guys that attended.  Still ache, but not as much as yesterday!

Dan W - Surrey

"I've looked over the (Modern Combatives Group) web-site and enjoyed the articles and information posted - pragmatic, realistic and effective are words that come to mind. 
Modern Combatives has something to offer ALL of us, particularly in the area of weapon assaults and use of weapons for defense.  I guess the worst mistake people make in their training is assuming their attacker won't be armed.  Not!"

Mike Rosenbaum, Martial Artist and Author - USA

Thanks for letting me train, i had a great time.  I especially enjoyed the striking, knife and stick work; its not something we do a lot of in jujitsu so its nice to learn something different.

Dan M, Cumbria

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