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Do have a look down through these - you may be very surprised to find that work from another decade is very useful in addressing problems you are facing now! Secondly, do have a look at work cited on other pages, such as community etc. Worlds of practice are often not as discrete as they are treated. A lot of work could be placed in more than one 'category' and there is a lot to be learned from what happens beyond our own particular worlds of practice, experience and knowledge.


Living-Theory Doctoral Theses

They are arranged in chronological order and titles link to where you can access them. The place of practice, rather than the location of the awarding body is shown.

Graham van Tuyl Ph.D UK (2010) From Engineer To Co-Creative Catalyst; An Inclusional And Transformational Journey. An Inquiry Into The Epistemology Of How Traditional Management 'Tools And Theory' Can Be Used And Evolved In Enhancing Organizational Effectiveness In An Industrial Setting, And How To Value And Evaluate Change.

Jacquieline Scholes-Rhodes Ph.D UK (2002) From The Inside Out: Learning To Presence My Aesthetic And Spiritual Being Through The Emergent Form Of A Creative Art Of Inquiry.



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