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Living-Theory Doctoral Theses

They are arranged in chronological order and titles link to where you can access them. Place of practice rather than awarding body is indicated

Philip Tattersall Ph.D Australia (2011) How Am I Generating A Living Theory Of Environmental Activism With Inclusionality?

Ian Phillips Ph.D UK (2011) My Emergent African Great Story 'Living I' As Naturally Including Neighbourhood, Embodying An Audacious Valuing Social Living Pedagogy And Imagining The Universe Luminously, As An Energetic Inclusion Of Darkness Throughout Light And Light In Darkness.

Eden Charles Ph.D UK & Africa (2007) How Can I Bring Ubuntu As A Living Standard of Judgement Into The Academy? Moving Beyond Decolonisation Through Societal Reidentification And Guiltless Recognition.

Madeline Church Ph.D UK, Colombia, International (2004) Creating An Uncompromised Place To Belong: Why Do I Find Myself In Networks?




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