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Health practitioners


Living-Theory Doctoral Theses

They are arranged in chronological order and titles link to where you can access them. The place of practice, rather than the location of the awarding body is shown.

JeKan Adler Collins Ph.D Japan (2007) Developing An Inclusional Pedagogy Of The Unique: How Do I Clarify, Live And Explain My Educational Influences In My Learning As I Pedagogise My Healing Nurse Curriculum In A Japanese University?

Marian Naidoo Ph.D UK (2005) I am Because We Are (A Never Ending Story). The Emergence Of A Living Theory Of Inclusional And Responsive Practice

Robyn Pound Ph.D UK (2003) How Can I Improve My Health Visiting Support Of Parenting? The Creation Of An Alongside Epistemology Through Action Enquiry.

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References and Resources

These references are those that have been helpful to researchers in the world Health

Journal of Health Visiting is a useful place for inspiration and to publish


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