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The decision to follow these trails is solely at the discretion, risk and liability of the individuals concerned. There is no organised club or membership system and no charges are made. One outcome of this is that there is no specific provision of public liability insurance, which means that in line with any other unorganised walk or jog that you undertake, you bear responsibility not only for your own welfare but for any third party damages which you cause.


Covid-19 Etiquette


Bearing in mind the concern generated by the current Covid-19 pandemic please be considerate when encountering other parties, and should you chance upon another FOOFAAH ‘pod’ abide by current legislation.


Land Access


By design FOOFAAH runs don’t involve a crowd of participants, but rather sporadic individuals or small clusters (pods) spread out over several days. Hence, it should be assumed that no prior communication has been entered into with landowners. The hare’s remit is simply to avoid contentious areas (ie. farmyards, private gardens, industrial & building sites, golf courses) and otherwise rely on the public’s statutory right to responsibly access most of Scotland’s land and inland water for recreational purposes, as legislated for in the Land Reform (Scotland) Act 2003.


Throughout the response to Covid-19 these rights continue to apply. In a statement by Scottish Ministers published 9th April 2020 land managers are expected to respect access rights, which are officially recognised to be particularly important at this difficult time.


Ensure your access is responsible by following the Scottish Outdoor Access Code, which is founded on three key principles:


1             Respect the interests of other people.

2             Care for the environment.

3             Take responsibility for your own actions.


The guidance likely to be of most relevance to Foofers is that if crossing a field with crops (this includes hay/silage) stick to the field margins (unless there is an obvious path). Additionally, take extra care in the vicinity of active forestry equipment and follow any guidance offered by its operators.


Dog owners are obliged to keep their pets under proper control. Use a short lead when in the proximity of animals (but refrain entirely from entering fields containing young livestock). Keep as far as possible from livestock, and in response to a potentially dangerous encounter it is recommended to release the dog and get yourself clear by the most expedient route.


Similarly for non-dog walkers, if an animal reacts aggressively to your presence then for your own safety waste no time in exiting the field.


Do not leave any waste behind as a result of your visit to the countryside. 


In the context of the national effort to contain the spread of COVID-19 visitors should adapt their behaviour by maintaining the social distancing requirements, and on popular paths avoiding busy times where possible. Dogs should not be permitted to approach other people or livestock. Bear in mind that farmers are essential workers, often with important animal welfare responsibilities, and must be allowed to go about their business without interference or fear of unnecessary exposure to COVID-19.


And finally of course, remember also to park responsibly!

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