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Trail Archive:

Record Of Past (obsolete) 2020 FOOFAAH4 Trails



Trail #31: Sat 26th December 2020

Woodlands of Durris: hared by JC.

The OnOn is at Sawmill Wood Car Park, which is at OS map reference NO794956, some ½ km south-east of the settlement of Woodlands of Durris. This is 12 miles from central Aberdeen (2.1 miles direct line from city boundary). See Google Maps https://goo.gl/maps/YDodqXm4N9BtixVD7 or what3words https://w3w.co/whisker.popping.flagpole. To encounter oodles of pink flour follow the southerly track uphill.


Trail #30: Sat 19th December 2020

Drumoak: hared by Numbskull.

The OnOn is from the Bowling Green Car Park, which is adjacent to both the A93 (main North Deeside Road) and the village war memorial. This is 10 miles from central Aberdeen at OS map reference NO 793988. See Google Maps https://goo.gl/maps/BQjD1jtVtXuZGFpB7 or what3words https://w3w.co/blink.connects.bluff. To encounter oodles of flour cross the main road and head south westwards towards the Irvine Arms (as was).


Trail #29: Sat 12th December 2020

Milltimber: hared by Dad dad.

The OnOn is from Dad dad’s pad at East Lodge, Culter House Road, Milltimber. Parking is available on the driveway. This is 6 miles from central Aberdeen at OS map reference NJ851015. See Google Maps https://goo.gl/maps/e4KuA5GZv1tsHp8H6 or what3words https://w3w.co/barman.denoting.paraded.


Trail #28: Sat 5th December 2020

Meikle Tap: hared by Bin Liner.

The OnOn is 14 miles from central Aberdeen at OS map reference NJ743036. See Google Maps https://goo.gl/maps/AQC4QpXqhM2REY3Q8 or what3words https://w3w.co/chairs.radically.crowds.

At the forest entrance there is parking in the laybys on either side of the B977, 1.4 mile south of Echt. Head west through the double gates into the wood to find oodles of flour.


Trail #27: Sat 28th November 2020

Newmillhill Plantation: hared by Wee Willie.

The OnOn is 9 miles from central Aberdeen at OS map reference NJ831009. Heading west from Peterculter on the A93 this is the first layby on the left, 0.3 miles past Borsalino's Italian Restaurant. See Google Maps https://goo.gl/maps/cmqHXJjxe2jc155V9 or what3words https://w3w.co/fetching.alarm.nightfall. The layby has space for 4 or 5 cars (consider reversing in, to help you exit back onto the busy A93 when you finish the trail).

Enter the wood to discover a 6km trail laid mostly with flour, but also employing red wool strands. The hare has provided a short detour to let you visit 17th century Belskavie Tower (an old watch tower for Drum Castle).


Trail #26: Sat 21st Nov 2020

Burnhead: hared by JC.

Burnhead is 7 miles from central Aberdeen and located adjacent to the stretch of the southern leg of the AWPR which connects the Stonehaven Fastlink with the Charleston flyover (A956).

To the north of Burnhead a bridge carries an unclassified road over the dual carriageway, whereupon it is joined by a road coming in from the west and signposted for Kirkton of Maryculter. Within 70 metres of taking this road a tarmac entranceway on the right leads into once wooded scrubland, and is capable of holding several cars (without blocking access to the scrubland). See Google Maps https://goo.gl/maps/aWBJeEdsXEw1YNoD6 or what3words https://w3w.co/scored.compliant.suspended, or OS map reference NO875986.

Leave the designated parking area so as to pass behind an adjacent imposing multi-trunked beech tree and you will find oodles of pink flour.


Trail #25: Sat 14th November 2020

Finzean Sawmill: hared by Shaky.

The run site is at Finzean sawmill at OS map ref NO591916, 25 miles from central Aberdeen. Travelling westwards through Finzean village on the B976, as you pass the playing field there is a junction where the main road bends to the right. You should continue straight ahead onto the unnamed road, signposted to Forest of Birse, which reaches the sawmill after 1.8 miles (ignore the junction on the right after 0.6 miles and also after 0.9 miles, whereupon the road becomes a no through route). The sawmill is on the left side of the road, with parking for 4-5 cars on the right, plus an information board about the sawmill.

See Google Maps https://goo.gl/maps/A7CetagDrZF2BsrQ6 or what3words https://w3w.co/disputes.flask.burying.

The start of the trail is found by back tracking about 60 m along the road the way you came and then turning right across the bridge over the Feugh. You will pick up the trail, laid in flour there. Take a few minutes to explore the water powered sawmill.


#24: Sat 7th November 2020

Craig of Affrusk: hared by Pink Panther & Roger Dodger.

The run site is at the entrance to the forest at OS map ref NO701942, 18 miles from central Aberdeen. If travelling west from Aberdeen along South Deeside Road, turn left just after the car park and loos that are slightly before the Bridge of Feugh. [If coming from Banchory, turn right after crossing over the Bridge of Feugh]. The road is signposted ‘Mill of Cammie’. After 300 metres, turn right at the fork, and drive 100 metres past some houses on the right. There is space for around 4 cars on the left (opposite a field).

See Google Maps https://goo.gl/maps/BFnu9tq2FLndcv6c6 or What3words https://w3w.co/according.warm.nasal.

When standing at the forest entrance and facing in the direction of the forest track the OnOn is on your right hand side, up a small embankment. It is NOT up the forest road. The trail is marked with oodles of PINK flour, of course!


Trail #23: Sat 31st October 2020

Clinterty Woods, Tyrebagger: hared by Little Shit & Sharnie.

Travelling from Aberdeen on the A96 dual carriageway, turn LEFT onto the B979 at the brow of the hill 0.8 mile past Marshall Trailers. The OnOn is then on the LEFT at the first Clinterty Woods carpark at OS map ref NJ851111 (7 miles from central Aberdeen). See Google Maps https://goo.gl/maps/5tHMv4z8p5eozf3i9 or What3words https://w3w.co/baker.become.rotate.

This ghoulish trail heads East from the carpark. Markings are in white flour with the odd spooky balloon hung in locations to enhance the hashing experience.


Trail #22: Sat 24th October 2020

Pitfichie Forest: hared by Hippo & Mrs T

The OnOn is at the NE entrance to Pitfichie Forest at OS map ref NJ673179. Travel through Monymusk, straight on at the crossroads (where the main road goes right), one mile past Pitfichie castle park at entrance to forestry road [access to Pitfichie MTB carpark and trails]. The OnOn is 21 miles from central Aberdeen. See Google Maps https://goo.gl/maps/egbTxdQUWLhgnbWh9s or What3words https://w3w.co/catch.impaled.skillet.

From the entrance head NW along the public road to discover oodles of flour (or sawdust).


Trail #21: Sat 17th October 2020

Slacks Wood: hared by Tonto

The OnOn is at Slacks Wood car park at OS map ref NJ844147. This is at the top of the hill between Dyce and Blackburn on the minor road south of, and running parallel to, the Don. The OnOn is 11 miles from central Aberdeen. See Google Maps https://goo.gl/maps/KQNcCC5gZmczHZHN7 or What3words https://w3w.co/suspends.rescue.quick.

Proceeding south along the path into the woodlands will reveal oodles of flour.


Trail #20: Sat 10th October 2020

Hillhead, Cults: hared by Sir Deadmund

The OnOn is from the layby between Cults Primary School and Hillview Community Church at OS map ref NJ880032, which is 4 miles from central Aberdeen. See Google Maps https://goo.gl/maps/d91CuFCGNT89Xe986. or What3words https://w3w.co/places.truly.tubes. There will be oodles of white flour leading you westwards along the forest path located just to the North of this layby.


Trail #19: Sat 3rd October 2020

Hill of Swanley: hared by Fireflaps & Numbskull

The OnOn is the Hill of Swanley mountain bike trail car park at OS map ref NO830873, which is 18 miles from central Aberdeen. See Google Maps https://goo.gl/maps/5h3632jki3NTbspVA. or What3words https://w3w.co/squish.kilt.envy. There will be oodles of flour on the uphill track leading into the forest


Trail #18: Sat 26th September 2020

Mundernal Wood, Durris: hared by JC

The OnOn is from Durris Lower Car Park at map reference NO769925. This is 16 miles from Central Aberdeen. See Google Maps https://goo.gl/maps/2J4Y8M9FJFcVUGJq7 or What3words https://w3w.co/ruby.face.stall. Set off northwards along the Mundernal Wood perimeter track and you will encounter oodles of blue flour.


#17: Sat 19th September 2020

Hill of Midstrath: hared by JC

The OnOn is along the track leading NE into the Hill of Midstrath forest, off the B976 at map reference NO586950. This is 26 miles from Central Aberdeen (take South Deeside Road and continue past Finzean for 2-1/2 miles). See Google Maps https://goo.gl/maps/gvsdeQsdZaWCb5768 or What3words https://w3w.co/pencil.slid.pave. There is limited parking at the entrance to the woods. The trail is marked using pink flour.


Trail #16: Sat 12th September 2020

Inchgarth Reservoir: hared by Bin Liner

The OnOn is from Inchgarth Reservoir, Cults, which is 3 miles from Central Aberdeen at map reference NJ899028. See Google Maps https://goo.gl/maps/7GWh7ECxeTMrZNqm6 or What3words https://w3w.co/rope.veal.dart. Flour is through the gate.


Trail #15: Saturday 5th September 2020

Scotstown Moor: hared by Sauerkraut

The OnOn is from the Scotstown Moor main car park, which is 6 miles from Central Aberdeen at map reference NJ933116. See Google map https://goo.gl/maps/bgL9QD4KRjURAPVQ7   or What3words https://w3w.co/reject.unrealistic.appeal.

Initially take the 'Northern and Southern Circuit' trail (just after turning into the car park), and after some 30m turn to the right into the grassy and wooded area.


Trail #14: Saturday 29th August 2020

Garlogie Wood: hared by Little Shit and Sharnie

The OnOn is at Garlogie Wood, which is 9 miles from Central Aberdeen at map reference NJ794054. For parking, use the layby beside the 40mph speed restriction sign at the East side of Garlogie on the B9125. 500 metres to the east (near the quarry access) there is a larger parking area, which could be useful for overflow parking. See Google map https://maps.app.goo.gl/UHes4AeaSErmjfi89, or What3words https://w3w.co/potato.peach.dealings.

Enter the woods via the barrier adjacent the layby and oodles of flour will be evident on the trees. The topography is relatively flat.


Trail #13: Saturday 22nd August 2020

Collonach Plantation: hared by Shaky

The OnOn is at Collonach Plantation, which is 14 miles from Central Aberdeen at map reference NO771997. This is on the unclassified road known as Couper’s Rd, which runs runs N-S between the B9125 (at Floras Restaurant on the Garlogie – Banchory road) and the A93 (at 2.1 mile west of the Park Bridge junction in Drumoak). See Google Maps https://goo.gl/maps/qefT9ACVMLP8D1ZX6, or What3words https://w3w.co/irrigated.debit.speeded. There is room for about 6 cars in the large layby created at the vehicular access gateway into Collonach.

Walking west along the track leading into the forest soon leads to oodles of flour.


Trail #12: Saturday 15th August 2020

Old Wood of Drum: hared by Hippo/Mrs T

The OnOn is 11 miles from Central Aberdeen at map reference NJ788004. Approx 50 metres past the speed restriction signs at the eastern approach to Drumoak on the A93, there is an unclassified road on the right. Head north along this road for one mile and park in the passing space close to the wire barrier, thus leaving passing space still available (see Google Maps https://goo.gl/maps/JtQPHDGNZHzsvAkF7 or What3words https://w3w.co/confusion.arriving.napped). If necessary, there is more parking 300m towards Drumoak, opposite South Cold stream.

OnOn into wood towards Drumhill. Almost immediately take the path on the left of the track and follow flour on trees.


Trail #11: Saturday 8th August 2020

Bruntyairds: hared by JC

The OnOn is in Durris Forest from the Bruntyairds Car Park, 13 miles from Central Aberdeen at map reference NO806944 (Google Maps https://goo.gl/maps/SroFoKw2SyCQNx2a8 or What3words https://w3w.co/whirlwind.pupils.indeed). Adjacent to the entrance to the car park is a track which is signposted for Durris Forest. Follow this track until you pass through a gateway, after which you will be on trail.


Trail #10: Saturday 1st August 2020

Midmar Castle: hared by JC

The OnOn is 15 miles from Central Aberdeen at map reference NJ702058 on the B9119 (see Google Maps https://goo.gl/maps/ZDJbiDmPEupwgBFA9 or What3words https://w3w.co/monorail.interest.tender). It is 2.3 miles west of the village of Echt at the commencement of the track to Midmar Castle.

At its junction with the public road the driveway presents a hairpin turn for vehicles approaching from the east. The tarmac entrance is wide and flanked by a pair of stone gateposts. It has no helpful signage naming the properties which is serves. Nearby, the wide verge of the B9119 is able to accommodate several cars completely clear of the carriageway. Please avoid parking in the private entrance - the best public parking spot is about 130 metres east of the entrance, and on the opposite side of the carriageway.

Heading up the driveway towards the castle will put you on oodles of flour.


Trail #9: Saturday 25th July 2020

Graigingles: hared by Bin Liner

The OnOn is 7 miles from Central Aberdeen at map reference NO881993 on the unclassified road which skirts along the north side of Hill of Blairs, (see Google Maps https://goo.gl/maps/jxD4qByTGB2G6ohy5 or input engage.zoom.then into What3words.

There is sufficient room to accommodate about three vehicles in a lay-by sited 20 metres from the entrance to a disused quarry in Graigingles Wood.

If approaching from the north-east the lay-by is on the RHS 0.4 mile after the junction directly opposite one of the entrances to Auchlunies House. If approaching from the south-west it is on the LHS 0.6 mile after the junction just N of Burnhead.

Crossing the road you will find oodles of flour leading you SE into the Hill of Blairs woodlands.


Trail #8: Saturday 18th July 2020

Danestone: hared by Barbarella

The OnOn is at Laverock Braes Road (OS map ref NJ920108) some 4 miles from Central Aberdeen (see Google Map https://goo.gl/maps/mkYhqxsaHMpxhH9QA or What3words https://w3w.co/bound.darker.oval).

From the Buckie Farm roundabout on the Bridge of Don Parkway (A92) head North along Whitestripes Avenue for 0.3 mile. Turn left into Laverock Braes Road and after 0.1 mile there are parking bays beside some weird architecture for community use. There is also seating and shelter for picnic lovers. Perambulating eastwards (back towards Whitestripes Avenue) should connect you with oodles of flour.


Trail #7 Saturday 11th July 2020

Bridge of Canny: hared by Shaky

The OnOn is near Bridge of Canny village, which is beyond Banchory on the A93. It is 21 miles from Union Street (see Google Map https://goo.gl/maps/bAXTqWKEeW27qt1v7).

Parking is in a large tarmac layby on the left 0.3 miles past the village hall as you head west towards Aboyne. OS Map ref is NO649971, and for what3words aficionados panthers.fidgeted.tonality should do the trick.

Climb the path that heads south from the parking area - there will be flour on the trees.


Trail #6 Saturday 4th July 2020

Balbithan: hared by Tonto

The OnOn is in Balbithan Woods (OS Map ref NJ817175), some 13 miles from Union Street (see Google Map at: https://goo.gl/maps/vfGYWCkatfSiXShC7 ).

At the OnOn there is parking in forest entrance lay-bys on either side of the unclassified road between Hatton of Fintray and Inverurie. Enter the woods on the south side of the road and look for flour heading south.

The trail is dog friendly, but problematic for bikes. There is one fence to cross within the woods, but no trail on farmland. A special Independence Day check has been marked with FOUR vertically stacked dots (instead of the usual three), signifying that hidden nearby is a stash of celebratory “cakes of colour”.


Trail #5 on Saturday 27th June 2020

Cleanhill: hared by JC.

The OnOn is 8 miles from Union Street, at MR NO/868987 on the unclassified road which links Kirkton of Maryculter with Burnhead. At this location the minor road is spanned by a bridge which carries the AWPR. Parking is on the wide expanse of verge immediately to the east of this bridge.

On the fence which runs along the top of the adjacent embankment you will find flour leading eastwards. This particular trail does not cross barbed wire or use fields containing livestock.


Trail #4 on Saturday 20th June 2020

Sheddocksley: hared by Little Shit and Sharnie

The OnOn is from Sheddocksley Sports Centre, Springhill Rd, Aberdeen, AB16 6QJ, which is 3 miles from Union Street.

OS Map ref is NJ897075 (see Google Map at: https://goo.gl/maps/rjctEumL5QhqUrj5A )

Use the sports centre carpark and you will find flour on the trees lining the track situated just to the north. Follow this path in a Westerly direction and you are on TRAIL - it is walker, bike and dog friendly and there are no fences to climb. As with previous trails.


Trail #3 on Saturday 13th June 2020

Keithhall: hared by JC

The OnOn is from the car park adjacent to Keithhall Primary School and Keithhall Church (MR NJ/802209), approx. 2miles east of Inverurie.

This is 15 miles from Union Street. From the parking area strike out north west along the lane, with the school on your left and the church on your right. The first check is within 100 metres.

No fences were climbed in the making of this trail. Locally there are notices reminding dog owners of the need to keep their pets under tight supervision so as not to alarm the wildlife.


Trail #2 on Saturday 6th June 2020

Kirkhill: hared by JC

The OnOn is at Howe Moss Crescent, in Kirkhill Industrial Estate. This is 7 miles from Union Street. Park adjacent to the section of pavement between Halliburton’s Don Facility and Halliburton House (MR NJ/865128).

There is a pedestrian corridor between these two commercial units which leads westwards (towards Kirkhill Forest). Once through the corridor turn left onto the dirt track and follow the flour.

The trail is dog friendly (does not enter fields with livestock), and once again barbed wire has been avoided and fallen trees have not doubled as bridges.


Trail #1 on Saturday 30th May 2020

Aquhythie: hared by JC

The OnOn is the public car park at MR NJ/734191, which is on the west bank of the Don near Burnhervie. This is 19 miles from Aberdeen (or 3 miles SW of the Morrison’s roundabout on A96, Inverurie.) Amble across the footbridge and you will be united with the flour.

The trail is dog friendly to the extent that no livestock should be encountered. It is Hasher friendly to the extent that fallen trees are not used as a means of crossing ditches, and barbed wire has been avoided.

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